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Canadian Trade Commissioner Service - Alberta


"Whenever we’re considering entering a new market, we call our Trade Commissioner in Calgary first to talk through the customs and protocols of the potential market. We get the information we need right away, and that’s extremely valuable."

Sid Mose, VP Business Development, Enerflex Systems Ltd., Calgary

"We felt we had the best product to offer, but didn’t have access to decision-makers. We contacted our Trade Commissioner in Alberta and she put us in contact with someone in Cuba. That person called me the next day. Now we know there are two ways to do international business: by trial and error or with the expertise of the TCS."

Darryl Stein, President & CEO, Imaging Dynamics Company Ltd. (IDC), Calgary

"We were awaiting a purchase contract from what appeared to be a legitimate state-owned company when we were asked to provide a registration fee. We contacted the Trade Commissioner Service in Edmonton for help in checking this out, who in turn introduced us to the Trade Commissioner Service in that county for their advice on the matter. While the website, email, and all the documentation we received closely resembled that of the a legitimate government entity, they advised us that this instance appeared to be illegitimate. We would like to thank everyone at the Trade Commissioner Service for their help in ending this matter with no further expense other than the time we had already invested."

Byron Martens, Big Bear Oilfield Equipment Ltd., Edmonton