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Canada-Colombia Free Trade Agreement - Facts

With merchandise exports of $761 million in 2011 (up 18 percent over 2010) Colombia third-largest export market in South America.

Did you know?

This FTA eliminates Colombian tariffs of up to 20 percent on Canadian exports in sectors such as oil and gas, mining, and ICT equipment many immediately providing Canadians with improved access to the Colombian market. Learn more!

Opportunities for Canadians

The Canada-Colombia Free Trade Agreement (FTA), which entered into force August 15, 2011, lowers barriers to trade and provides expanded opportunities for Canadian exporters and investors in a broad range of sectors, particularly in oil and gas, mining, agriculture and agri-food, and manufacturing.

Opportunities for increased trade and investment:

Key Sectors with High Growth Potential

  • Agriculture

    Under the Canada-Colombia FTA, most Canadian agricultural exports benefit from immediate duty-free access to Colombia, thereby offering greater opportunities for Canadian agricultural and agri-food producers.

  • Information and Communications Technologies (ICT)

    The information and communications technologies (ICT) industry in Colombia shows strong potential for Canadian exporters and investors.

  • Mining

    Colombia has a dynamic mining sector with a range of international players actively involved in exploring and developing the industry.

  • Oil and Gas

    Colombia is building and expanding its local ethanol industry, thereby presenting business opportunities for Canadian investors.

  • Service

    Colombia's new law on Public Private Partnerships presents many opportunities for Canadian companies in multiple sectors.

For more information on doing business in Colombia, please visit the Trade Commissioner Services website.