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501 Pennsylvania Ave. NW.
Washington, 20001-2111

Mailing Address

Tel: (202) 682-1740

Fax: (202) 682-7795

E-Mail: wshdc.infocentre@international.gc.ca

Website: www.tradecommissioner.gc.ca/us

Other URL: www.canadianembassy.org

Office Hours: Mon - Fri: 0830 - 1700 (E.S.T.: +0)

Territories/Responsibilities: Maryland, District of Columbia, Virginia, West Virginia

Office Closure: 2015-10-12, 2015-11-26, 2015-12-25, 2015-12-28

Mr. Gary Doer
Email: WSHDC.InfoCentre@international.gc.ca

Mr. Denis Stevens
Deputy Head of Mission
Email: WSHDC.InfoCentre@international.gc.ca

Mr. Gilles Gauthier
Minister (Economic)
Email: WSHDC.InfoCentre@international.gc.ca

Mr. Jason LaTorre
Minister-Counsellor (Commer.)
Senior Trade Commissioner
Email: Jason.LaTorre@international.gc.ca

Mr. Ghislain Chaput
First Secretary
Defence and Security
Email: Ghislain.Chaput@international.gc.ca

Mr. Carl Hartill
Science and Technology
Email: Carl.Hartill@international.gc.ca

Ms. Lulu LeBlanc
Trade Commissioner
Government Procurement, Infrastructure
Email: MengLulu.LeBlanc@international.gc.ca

Ms. Carolyn Cudmore
Trade Commissioner
Infrastructure, International Financial Institutions
Email: Carolyn.Cudmore@international.gc.ca

Mr. Richard Malloy
Trade Commissioner
Aerospace, Defence and Security, Government Procurement
Email: Richard.Malloy@international.gc.ca

Mr. Benjamin Eliasoph
Trade Commissioner -Technology
Science and Technology, Sustainable Technologies
Email: Benjamin.Eliasoph@international.gc.ca

Ms. Janice Mason
Trade Commissioner
Foreign Investment Attraction to Canada, Information and Communications Technologies
Email: Janice.Mason@international.gc.ca

Ms. Karen Miller
Trade Commissioner
Foreign Investment Attraction to Canada, Life Sciences
Email: Karen.Miller@international.gc.ca

Mr. Alain Ouellet
Counsellor, Space Affairs
Email: Alain.Ouellet@asc-csa.gc.ca

Mr. Daniel Grochowalski
Counsellor (Transport Cda)
Market Access
Email: Daniel.Grochowalski@international.gc.ca

Ms. Julie Mann
Trade Commissioner Assistant
Financial and Insurance Services, Infrastructure, International Financial Institutions
Email: Julie.Mann@international.gc.ca

Ms. Faith Hood
Trade Commissioner Assistant
Email: Faith.Hood@international.gc.ca

Ms. Corina Greig
Trade Commissioner Assistant
Email: Corina.Greig@international.gc.ca

Ms. Carrie Goodge O'Brien
Counsellor (Trade Policy)
Email: Carrie.Goodge@international.gc.ca

Mr. Colin Bird
Email: Colin.Bird@international.gc.ca

Ms. Megan Clifford
First Secretary
Email: Megan.Clifford@international.gc.ca

Mr. Steven McLaren
Counsellor (Finance)
Email: Steven.McLaren@international.gc.ca

Mr. Michael Hawkins
Counsellor (Agriculture)
Email: Mike.Hawkins@international.gc.ca

Mr. Gerasimos Antypas
Second Secretary (Trade Pol.)
Email: Gerasimos.Antypas@international.gc.ca

Mr. Cory Olishansky
Second Secretary (Trade Pol.)
Email: Cory.Olishansky@international.gc.ca

Mr. Brad Wood
First Secretary (Agriculture)
Email: Brad.Wood@international.gc.ca

Ms. Nicole Adams
Trade Commissioner
Email: Nicole.Adams@international.gc.ca

Ms. Dominique Clune
Trade Commissioner Assistant
Email: Dominique.Clune@international.gc.ca

Mr. Antonio Zorrilla
Trade Commissioner Assistant
Email: Antonio.Zorrilla@international.gc.ca

Ms. Temeka Paige
Trade Commissioner Assistant
Email: Temeka.Paige@international.gc.ca

Mailing Address:

501 Pennsylvania Ave., NW.
Washington, DC 20001