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Aid Market Support Network

In addition to the Trade Commissioner Service's network of offices abroad and in Canada, Canadian firms and individuals have access to a number of support services to assist them specifically in accessing business opportunities in development markets.

Offices of Liaison with the International Financial Institutions are the primary contact for Canadian firms pursuing MDB related business opportunities. OLIFI assists and supports Canadian firms in interacting with the MDBs by offering procurement and competitive information, briefing sessions, qualified contacts, visit information, and assistance with resolving any problems.

Canadian trade offices in UN agency host cities can provide advice on the role, procurement procedures, qualified contacts, and business opportunities offered by UN agencies located in their region.

The PSLO Network is a network of local contact persons who facilitate SME access to MDB products and services, as well as interactions between the MDBs and the private sector.

Offices of the Canadian Executive Directors represent the interests of Canada at the individual multilateral development banks. The Office can provide strategic information on MDB policies, priorities and activities, as well as Canadian policy towards the MDBs.

Offices of Liaison with International Financial Institutions (OLIFI)

OLIFI Washington - World Bank and Inter-American Development Bank

Ms. Carolyn Cudmore
Trade Commissioner
Tel: (202) 448-6416

Ms. Julie Mann
Trade Commissioner Assistant
Tel: (202) 682-7788

OLIFI Abidjan - African Development Bank

Mr. Hartman Kouassi
Trade Commissioner
Tel: (225) 20 30 07 56

OLIFI Manila - Asian Development Bank

Mr. Xuguang Huang
Trade Commissioner
Tel: (011-63-2) 857-9099

Ms. Lina Pulian
Trade Program Assistant
Tel: (011-63-2) 857-9131

OLIFI Bridgetown - Caribbean Development Bank

Ms. Tammy Brathwaite
Trade Commissioner (Liaison with the CDB)
Tel: (246) 629-3553

Canadian trade offices in UN agency host cities

New York, U.S.A

Contact OLIFI Washington
Tel: (202) 682-7788

Copenhagen, Denmark

Mr. David Horup
Trade Commissioner
Tel: (011-45) 33-48-32-58

Geneva, Switzerland

Ms. Julie Émond
First Secretary (Trade and Development)
Tel: (011-41-22) 919-9293

Rome, Italy

Ms. Marilisa Pigozzo
Commercial Information Centre Manager
Tel: (011-39-06) 85444 3363

Offices of the Canadian Executive Directors

World Bank

Mr. Alister Smith
Executive Director
Tel: (202) 458-0077

Mr. Donald R. Mackay
Advisor to the Executive Director (Acting)
Tel: (202) 473-1831

Inter-American Development Bank (IADB)

Mr. Jim Haley
Executive Director
Tel: (202) 623-1019

Mr. Brett Maitland
Senior Counsellor to the Executive Director
Tel: (202) 623-1023

African Development Bank (AfDB)

Mr. Hau Sing Tse
Executive Director
Tel: (225) 2026-2021

Ms. Khalida Soltani
Tel: (225) 2026-2821

Asian Development Bank (ADB)

Mr. David Murchison
Executive Director
Tel: (011-63-2) 632-6023

Caribbean Development Bank (CDB)

Ms. Gail Miller
Executive Director
Tel: (246) 629-3551

Ms. Jean McCardle
Alternate Executive Director
Tel: (246) 629-3586

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)

Ms. Claire Dansereau
Director for Canada, Jordan, Morocco and Tunisia
Tel: (011-44-20) 7338 6509

Ms. Zoe Marks
Tel: (011-44-20) 7338-6458

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