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Customs Services – Ukraine

Disclaimer: Be advised that most links are only offered in the language of origin.

Note: Although our offices are not in a position to recommend that you use the services of one particular firm or to guarantee the quality of the services provided, we are pleased to provide you with the list of qualified contacts who offer the following services.

Association of Customs Brokers
Mr. Mykola Mironenko
Office 923, 18/14 Vikenty Khvoika St.
Kyiv 04080 Ukraine
Tel./fax: +380 44 537 0250
Email: info@ambu.org.ua
Website: www.ambu.org.ua/english/about
Description: Customs clearance, consulting, services

International Container Transport GmbH
92-A Povitroflotsky Ave.
Kyiv 03036 Ukraine
Tel.: +380 44 246 2270, 246 22 71
Fax: +380 44 246 2280
Email: cargo@ict.kiev.ua
Website: www.ict.kiev.ua
Description: Customs services, warehousing, logistics, packing and relocation, consulting, transportation

Raben Ukraine
Mr. Ewald Raben
150 Brovarska St.
Velyka Dymerka
Tel.: +380 44 459 7200
Fax: +380 44 459 7201
Email: Ukraine.info@raben-group.com
Website: www.raben-group.com
Description: Customs services, contract logistics, warehousing, international road forwarding,
domestic distribution, comprehensive logistics service for fresh products (from +2°C to +6°C), sea and air freight

Rokada Group
100 Stolichnoe shoes
Kiev 03680 Ukraine
Tel.: +380 44 594 51 51
Fax: +380 44 594 57 47
Email: info@rokada.com.ua; sales@rokada.com.ua
Website : www.rokada-ls.com.ua; www.rokada.com.ua; www.ccentre.net
Description: Customs – brokerage services, freight-forwarding, bonded warehouse services

State Customs Service of Ukraine
Mr. Ihor Kaletnik
11-g, Degtiarivska St.
Kyiv 04119 Ukraine
Tel.: +380 44 247-28-36, 489-02-24, 481-18-81
Fax: +280 44 481-18-89, 481-18-38
Email: dmsu@customs.gov.ua; inter@customs.gov.ua
Website: www.customs.gov.ua/dmsu/control/en/index
Description: Simplification and harmonisation of customs procedures, trade supply chain security, facilitation of international trade, enhancement of customs enforcement and compliance activities, anti-counterfeiting and piracy initiatives, public-private partnerships

Zovnish Courier Service
10 Lesia Ukrainka St.
#2, Vyshneve, Kyiv region
Tel.: +380 44 532 5741, 532 5742
Fax: +380 44 455 1927
Email: zcserv@carrier.kiev.ua
Website: www.aircargo.com.ua
Description: Customs clearance, export and import transportations, monitoring of cargo movement, preparing documentation, insurance, payments to carriers and other services

November 2014