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2012-2015 ASEAN-Canada Workplan

Workplan to implement the ASEAN-Canada Joint Declaration on Trade and Investment

This Workplan addresses the objectives laid out in the Joint Declaration between ASEAN and Canada on Trade and Investment, adopted on October 2, 2011, in Jakarta, Indonesia (hereinafter referred to as "The Joint Declaration").

The Workplan seeks to bolster commercial relations and enhance economic cooperation between ASEAN and Canada (hereinafter referred to as "The Participants") by implementing the objectives outlined in the Joint Declaration and laying down the foundation for enhanced partnership and cooperation in shared trade and investment priorities.

The Participants recognize the trade and investment components of the existing Plan of Action to Implement the Joint Declaration on ASEAN-Canada Enhanced Partnership, adopted on July 22, 2010, in Ha Noi, Viet Nam, to lay the foundation for enhanced partnership and cooperation between ASEAN and Canada.  The Participants are, therefore, committed to implement this Workplan in a manner that complements the activities under the Plan of Action.  

The Participants, through this Workplan, will seek to undertake the following actions and initiatives over the next three years, in full compliance with domestic laws and regulations in ASEAN Member States and in Canada:

Enhance Senior-Level Dialogue on Trade and Investment

  • Hold regular ASEAN-Canada Senior Economic Officials (SEOM-Canada) Consultations;
  • Invite Canadian officials to ASEAN sectoral working groups’ meetings, where relevant, to share mutual expertise and experiences;
  • Hold a ministerial-level consultation between the ASEAN Economic Ministers and the Minister of International Trade of Canada, where appropriate;
  • Explore new consultative mechanism or channels of communication between senior officials in ASEAN and Canada from foreign trade and investment promotion organizations associated with respective governments;
  • Reflect on ways to involve greater private sector interaction in the ASEAN-Canada SEOM process.
  • Periodically exchange information, through the ASEAN-Canada Senior Economic Officials Consultations (SEOM-Canada), on ASEAN and Canada’s trade and investment liberalization agendas and work in regional fora of mutual interest to ASEAN and Canada in areas relevant to regional economic integration.

Promote Increased Trade and Investment between ASEAN and Canada

  • Work toward a substantial increase in bilateral trade in goods, services and investment between ASEAN and Canada by 2015;
  • Identify opportunities and challenges  in the ASEAN - Canada economic relationship with a view to creating more favourable conditions for trade in goods and services and investment between ASEAN and Canada;
  • Focus business development activities in promoting two-way trade and investment and innovation partnership in priority sectors to be identified, and undertake initiatives at anchor events in ASEAN and Canada. An illustrative, non-exhaustive list of priority sectors includes, among others, aerospace, agri-food, clean technology, education, energy, connectivity and infrastructure, science and technology. Special focus will be given to the facilitation of business opportunities for SMEs and capacity building;
  • Consider undertaking regional trade and investment promotion missions, provincial government sectoral missions, and regional product demonstrations or technical seminars;
  • Consider the possibility, as appropriate, of an ASEAN roadshow to Canada to elevate the awareness of the business climate and commercial opportunities in the ASEAN region;
  • Encourage cooperation between Canadian experts in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) practices and the ASEAN CSR Network by sharing of information and best practices between Canadian and ASEAN CSR practitioners.

Increase Private Sector’s Involvement in Promoting Trade and Investment

  • Catalyze the establishment of a private sector led Canada-ASEAN Business Council (CABC), comprised of Canadian investors or exporters in the ASEAN region, which will be encouraged to:
  • exchange information and other forms of interactions between the CABC and ASEAN trade, investment, and industry associations and clubs;
  • promote the participation of Canadian businesses in annual ASEAN Business and Investment Summit
  • brainstorm on future initiatives  that could be undertaken to promote two-way trade and investment;
  • promote outreach, with private-sector participation, both in Canada and in ASEAN, where appropriate, to expand the breadth of two-way trade and  investment ties;
  • promote direct dialogue between these private-sector bodies and Ministers responsible for trade and investment;
  • promote greater cooperation and business linkages between ASEAN and Canada SMEs
  • Consider holding an ASEAN-Canada Business Summit on a date and location mutually agreed-to by the Participants.


SEOM-Canada will be responsible for the implementation of this work plan and provide report to AEM-Canada Consultations and to existing mechanism under the ASEAN-Canada Dialogue Partnership.