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Goal: Inventys Thermal Technologies Inc., a cleantech firm based in Burnaby, BC, aimed to jointly develop products with leading European energy firms and open-up new global markets in Europe

Going Global Innovation Provided: Funding that enabled Inventys to host five partnership development meetings with leading energy companies in Europe, and establish commitment to launch a multinational R&D consortium.

Result: An R&D consortium with five major European energy companies and a $25 million grant from the European Union to facilitate new R&D partnerships, collaborative projects and greater access to global markets.

Next Steps: Establishment of collaborative R&D projects that leverage the complementary strengths of consortium member companies, propel the commercialization and application of new energy technologies, and target specific opportunities in the global market.

Inventys Thermal Technologies develops carbon capture technology, so we aim to collaborate with governments and energy firms around the world. Going Global Innovation enabled us to travel to Scotland, France and England to solidify partnerships with five major oil companies.  Building on these meetings, we have now established an R&D consortium and received a $25 million grant from the European Union to support cooperative energy initiatives. If successful, it will accelerate the development and commercialization of new products, and open-up new market opportunities for us in Europe.”

Brett Henkel, VP Operations, Inventys Thermal Technologies

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