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Accounting Firms - Chile

Disclaimer: Be advised that most links are only offered in the language of origin.

Note: Although our offices are not in a position to recommend that you use the services of one particular firm or to guarantee the quality of the services provided, we are pleased to provide you with the list of qualified contacts who offer the following services.

Canales Consultores S.A.
El Trovador 4280, of. 1205
Las Condes
Santiago, Chile
Raúl Canales, General Manager
Tel.: (56-2) 2-342-5240
Email: rcanales@canalesconsultores.cl
Website: www.canalesconsultores.cl

Deloitte Chile
Rosario Norte 407, piso 7
Las Condes
Santiago, Chile
Jorge Rodríguez, CEO & Managing Partner
Tel.: (56-2) 2-729-7000
Fax: (56-2) 2-374-9177
Email: jorgerodriguez@deloitte.com
Website: www.deloitte.cl

Ernst & Young
Av. Presidente Riesco 5435. piso 4
Las Condes
Santiago, Chile
Cristián Lefevre, Managing Partner
Tel.: (56-2) 2-676-1000
Fax: (56-2) 2-676-1010
Email: cristian.lefevre@cl.ey.com
Website: www.ey.com

KPMG Chile
Isidora Goyenechea 3520, P.2
Las Condes
Santiago, Chile
Cristián Bastian, General Manager
Tel.: (56-2) 2-798-1000
Fax: (56-2) 2-798-1001
Email: ivonemartinez@kpmg.com
Website: www.kpmg.cl

Landabur y Cía. Ltda.
Av. Luis Thayer Ojeda 166 , Of. 1301
Santiago , Chile
Mario Andrés Landabur, General Manager
Tel.: (56-2) 2-562-9300
Fax: (56-2) 2-562-9324
Email: mario.l@landabur.cl
Website: www.landabur.cl

Av. Andrés Bello 2711, P.5
Las Condes
Santiago, Chile
Luis Enrique Alamos, Senior Partner 
Tel.: (56-2) 2-940-0066
Fax: (56-2) 2-940-0504
Email: lealamos@cl.pwc.com
Website: www.pwc.cl

Puente Sur Outsourcing S.A.
Pedro de Valdivia 555, of. 1100
Providencia, Santiago, Chile
Nicholas Walker, President  
Tel.: (56-2) 2-496-1000 
Fax : (56-2) 2-223-3074
Email : nick@pso.cl
Website: www.pso.cl

Tax Advisors
Burgos 80, Piso 8
Las Condes
Santiago, Chile
Christian Blanche, Partner 
Tel.: (56-2) 2-431-3500
Email: cblanche@advisors.cl
Website: www.advisors.cl