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Canadian International Innovation Program (CIIP)

What is CIIP?

The Canadian International Innovation Program (CIIP) fosters and supports collaborative industrial research and development projects with high potential for commercialization between Canada and partner countries. It also stimulates bilateral science and technology networking and matchmaking activities to further new partnerships and accelerate the commercialization of research and development. The CIIP is a “seed fund”, meaning that various other public and private sector participants are also encouraged to bring science and technology expertise and funds of their own to the bilateral relationship. Partner countries are: Brazil, China, India, Israel, and soon South Korea. Negotiations for a science, technology and innovation agreement with South Korea have recently concluded, and both countries are now working to bring the agreement into force as soon as possible.

Why consider seeking CIIP Funding?

  • You can propose to develop any new civilian product, process or service at any time.
  • You decide the way the project comes together, value, duration and outcomes.
  • You choose your partner(s) from one of five CIIP member countries.

Specifically, the CIIP program can benefit Canadian companies by:

  • Accessing support and funding to eligible innovative firms.
  • Accessing intelligence on technology and markets.
  • Identifying credible partners via the Trade Commissioner Service network.
  • Accessing new markets through technology partnering.
  • Leveraging investment to de-risk R & D projects that support the commercialization of Canadian technology.
  • Helping to reduce market entry risk as well as the costs associated with technology adaptation, technology co-development and technology validation.

CIIP may be right for you if:

  • You own or work for a for profit small or medium-sized company (SME) which is incorporated in Canada and engaged in developing technology for a new product, process, or service for civilian use.
  • You possess a desire and capability to source knowledge abroad by “tapping” global talents to address technical gaps.
  • You need to collaborate globally to adapt your product, process, or service to meet other global market characteristics.
  • Your technology or product offers advantages in a foreign marketplace.
  • You have the financial backing to broaden to new markets or could attract investment through development of your technology for global needs.

Three Types of Industrial R&D Projects Eligible under CIIP

Technology Adaptation

Market Expansion

Canadian SME or Lead Partner Objective:

  • Adaptation of a proven innovative product to meet new requirements in the foreign or Canadian market being entered. Example requirements: country-specific regulations and standards (e.g. communication protocols, environmental specifications); unique customer requirements in foreign market.
  • Acceleration of product adoption.

Collaborative R&D Activities:

  • Collaborative requirements specification, design, implementation and testing of adaptations to the product.
  • Technology Adaptation activities are usually followed by Technology Validation activities (i.e. the product/technology often must be re-validated for the new foreign market).

Technology Validation

Market Validation

Canadian SME or Lead Partner Objective:

  • Validation of functionality, performance, quality and usability with potential early adopter customers (ideal early adopters are in the foreign or Canadian market).
  • Validation of product value proposition.
  • Acceleration of product adoption.

Collaborative R&D Activities:

  • Test plan, procedures and tools development.
  • Test execution.
  • Test results analysis and reporting.
  • Specification of technology adaptation requirements, if required.

Technology Co-Development

Product Development

Canadian SME or Lead Partner Objective:

  • Acquisition of best-in-class technology to fill a gap in Canadian or foreign solution.

Collaborative R&D Activities:

  • Canadian and foreign technologies to be further developed and integrated to create a “whole product”.
  • Collaborative requirements specification, design, implementation and testing.

Program Objectives

The objectives of the Canadian International Innovation Program (CIIP) are to:

  • Encourage domestic competitiveness through the transfer of technology and knowledge resulting from international science and technology partnerships.
  • Foster international science and technology partnerships and collaborative research.
  • Accelerate the commercialization of R&D that would benefit Canada, through international partnerships with a focus on small and medium-sized enterprises.
  • Access international technologies for Canadian enterprises.
  • Promote Canadian R&D capacity and Canada as a destination for foreign technology-based investments.
  • Strengthen overall bilateral science and technology relations.

Program Results

The expected results of the program include:

  • Leveraging the global networks critical to commercialization in international markets.
  • Accessing the world’s best facilities, equipment, talent and knowledge.
  • Creating wealth from Canadian production of innovative goods and services through international linkages.

Status Update

The Program is currently under development. Funding applications are yet not being accepted; however, preliminary expressions of interest are welcome. The program will be delivered in collaboration with the National Research Council of Canada’s Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC IRAP) for Brazil, China and India initially. We expect to launch the new Program in the fall of 2015. This website will be updated as information becomes available. After the launch, an Industrial Technology Advisor (ITA) from NRC-IRAP will contact SMEs who have reached out to us during the pre-launch phase with a potential idea for a bilateral industrial R&D proposal involving, technology co-development, integrating a technology in a larger product or value chain, or validating or adapting a technology to the special demands of a foreign market.

Eligible companies working in Brazil, India, China and South KoreaFootnote * selected for funding under the CIIP will have the funds delivered by NRC-IRAP. All projects and applications will be subject to normal due diligence review and availability of funding.  Projects eligible for CIIP funding require an industry lead in each participating country and matching funds to support the activities of the in-country partner.  Companies seeking to collaborate with Israel are encouraged to contact Jayne Galloway to learn more. 

For all CIIP partner countries, Canadian Embassies and Consulates will assist Canadian companies to find partners for joint R & D endeavours.  Canadian companies interested in applying for CIIP funding are encouraged to check this webpage on a regular basis for new information on potential opportunities and on how to submit project applications. 

Please contact the CIIP Project Officer if you have questions or would like to discuss your project idea!

CIIP Project Officer:

Jayne Galloway
Science, Technology and Innovation Division
Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada
Tel: 343-203-4060


Footnote *

The Canada-South Korea agreement on science and technology has yet to come into force. It is expected that it will be ratified in 2016 at which time, CIIP projects may be approved for the collaborative commercialization of technology in South Korea. In the interim, the Canadian Embassy in Korea is undertaking various activities to increase local awareness of Canadian capacity in science, technology and innovation. Please contact the Embassy directly to participate and learn more.

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