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Goal: Norton Scientific Inc., a leader in the development of innovative measurement tools to advance biotechnology and pharmaceutical research, aimed to collaborate with researchers at Heriot-Watt University and the University of Abertay (both of Scotland) on the design and development of new analytical tools to support early stage drug discovery for diseases such as cancer and dementia.

Going Global Innovation Provided: Funding for Norton executives to travel to the UK to meet with leading scientists, and develop R&D partnership agreements and initial project plans with research teams at both universities.

Result: Trans-Atlantic industry-academic R&D collaboration that enables the development and commercialization of advanced tools to rapidly screen protein samples prior to detailed analysis for drug discovery research; this helps to reduce the cost of treatments and therapies, and accelerates their time to market.

Next Steps: Launch of a range of new automated analytical products that combine the technologies of each partner and offer greater cost benefit than any competing biomedical devices on the market today.

“As an entrepreneur, I believe strongly in the power of academic-industrial research collaboration.  As a young firm, it is not always feasible to establish research partnerships with leading universities. Funding from GGI enabled us to meet directly with prospective collaborators in the UK, confirm the specifications for initial R&D projects, and explore a host of other interesting ideas. This initial engagement has led to R&D cooperation that is enhancing our existing diagnostic products, creating completely new products that expand our portfolio, and opening-up new markets for Norton Scientific around the world.”

Roger White, Founder and CTO, Norton Scientific Inc.

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