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March 2014

Don't miss the opportunity to network with government officials and other exporting companies at this seminar!
New self-serve kiosks and measures for trusted travellers are coming to airport customs halls and security counters.

February 2014

Gain insight from industry experts on wind power potential in India. Learn about market opportunities and challenges, policies and more. Register today!
This webinar will provide important information to help you effectively implement your market strategy, whether your company is considering accessing the market for the first time or is already active in Europe. Register today!

January 2014

Harnessing Our Knowledge Advantage to Drive Innovation and Prosperity

December 2013

Showcasing the Indian oil and gas industry, this event provides a global networking opportunity for participants and a platform for national and international experts to share their views and knowledge.
New service from the National Research Council (NRC) provides Canadian small and medium‑sized enterprises (SMEs) with information and advice to help access government innovation support programs.
Expand your commercial network of contacts in Brazil. Join the "Doing Business in Brazil" group on LinkedIn today!

November 2013

The Global Markets Action Plan will ensure that all the assets of the Government of Canada are harnessed to support the pursuit of commercial success by Canadian companies and investors in key foreign markets.
The Education in Canada Fairs in Africa 2014 are taking place in 14 countries from January 15th to February 20th.
With informative articles on Canada's free trade agreements, success stories, and resources for Canadian business women - the Business Women in International Trade's annual newsletter is your go-to publication for growing your business internationally. Download it today!

October 2013

CETA will provide Canada with preferential market access to the European Union's more than 500 million consumers.
Minister Fast attends APEC, TPP and ASEAN meetings and travels to China to promote the benefits of free and open markets.

September 2013

Minister Fast announces $3 million contribution to 85 communities across Canada.
About to sell your product abroad or partner with a dream client? Great. But make sure you negotiate and sign a written contract.

August 2013

Minister Fast is in Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei, to attend the second ASEAN Economic Ministers (AEM)-Canada Consultations and the ASEAN Business and Investment Summit on August 20 and 21. He will also attend the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Ministerial Meeting on August 22 and 23.
Minister Fast highlights Canadian leadership in aerospace, defence and security industries at trade show.

July 2013

Minister Fast promotes Canada's world-class defence sector during a visit to General Dynamics Land Systems-Canada's cutting-edge facilities in London, Ontario.
After a decade of decline in exports, the Canadian auto industry has seen strong export growth over the past three years.
This webinar targets all Canadian infrastructure companies who wish to enhance their knowledge of the Indian infrastructure market.

June 2013

Led by the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service, this initiative connects Canadian start-ups with unique resources, contacts and financing opportunities to help their international growth.
Get the most up-to-date trade and economic stats right here-formatted to fit your mobile device.
Connect with the right people by making the TCS your source for upcoming trade shows, conferences and seminars.

May 2013

Learn about business practices in India. Join the "Doing Business in India" group on LinkedIn.

April 2013

Learn about business opportunities that you may not otherwise have access to; learn about upcoming events and activities; and, advance your understanding of doing business in global aerospace markets.
Join today to connect with over 535 like-minded international businesswomen, businessmen, organizations, trade commissioners and other service providers to keep informed of opportunities, issues, news and events.
Minister Fast and Minister of State (Seniors) Wong conclude a five-day trade mission to China and Japan to promote Canadian expertise in the information and communication technologies sector.
If your business has a product or service that you feel could compete in the U.S. market, this is the guide for you!

November 2012

Stay connected wherever you are. Get quick access to country info, contacts and events. Bookmark the new mobile site on your device.

March 2013

Gain a better understanding of business practices in GCC markets. Join the "Doing Business in the GCC region" group on LinkedIn.

February 2013

Canadian companies and organizations will have access to the Canada Business Lounge - an exclusive meeting space in the InterContinental Hotel, San Francisco. March 26-29, 2013.
Canadian companies interested in infrastructure, services and capital projects in Morocco are invited to participate.

March 2013

Excellent opportunity for Canadian companies to present their company profiles to key potential buyers and partners in the industry.

February 2013

Minister Fast leads trade mission to Shanghai, Hangzhou and Tokyo to help Canadian companies expand into the Information and Communication Technologies sector.
Are you a Canadian company interested in expanding your presence in Angola? Gain expertise on prospective opportunities in this multi-sectoral business mission.
Do you want to tap into the largest health IT market in the world? Then join the TCS at the annual Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) Conference.
For Canadian ICT companies interested in learning more about the ICT market in the Nordic countries of Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Register today!

January 2013

Minister Fast was accompanied by representatives of nearly 30 organizations on his first trade mission of 2013, which focused on the extractive and infrastructure sectors.
Listen to the latest CanadExport podcast, in which an expert talks about why FTAs matter.
Benefit from exchanges of information on activities, experiences, interests and successes in the market. Join the "Doing Business in the United States and Mexico" group on LinkedIn.
Are you a Canadian Life Sciences company wanting to learn about business opportunities? Register today!

December 2012

Obtain relevant information, top-notch service and on-the-ground intelligence from the TCS European team. Join the "Doing Business in Europe" group on LinkedIn.
Learn about visas offered by U.S. consulates, as well as how the TCS can assist your company in accessing the U.S. market.
Interested in exploring growing opportunities in Mexico? Participate in the upcoming trade mission - February 11-15.

September 2012

Access relevant information, top-notch service and on-the-ground intelligence from the TCS China Team. Join the "Doing Business in China" group on LinkedIn.

November 2012

Trade Commissioners from around the world will be there to assess your export potential, identify key foreign contacts, and suggest market entry strategies. Book your one-on-one meeting today.
Minister Ablonczy, on behalf of Minister Fast, led a trade mission to Peru, Colombia and Panama from November 11 to 16, focusing on the infrastructure subsectors of energy, transportation and water.
Register before November 29 to join Minister Fast as he promotes Canada's extractive industries and infrastructure sector.

October 2012

Tap into the expertise of two Canadian companies with more than 30 years of IFI experience.
Forty-four industry associations will receive funding to expand international business activities, bring in new investment and attract top talent.
An ambitious Canada-EU trade agreement will help create good jobs and greater prosperity for SMEs, says Minister Fast.
The world's largest green building conference is just around the corner. We'll help you connect with partners and discover business opportunities. November 14-16.
Minister Fast travels to Saudi Arabia October 5-7 and to Jordan October 8-10 to promote the numerous advantages of deepening Canada's trade and investment relationships in the Middle East.
Canada's pro-trade leadership and refreshed Global Commerce Strategy will help generate prosperity for Canadians in every region of the country.
Minister Fast announced $3 million in funding to 86 communities and local organizations across Canada to help them attract, retain and expand foreign direct investment.

September 2012

Canada's pro-trade leadership and refreshed Global Commerce Strategy will help generate prosperity for Canadians in every region of the country, Minister Fast says.
Learn how to strengthen your trade operations and expand to new markets by visiting our booth at EDC's Virtual Summit. September 27, 2012.
India is home to the fastest-growing telecom market in the world. Join experts as they discuss everything from trends and opportunities to the upcoming trade mission to India.
Minister Fast announced second wave of Canadian digital media firms completes dynamic initiative, and third wave of companies begins.
Minister Fast leads trade mission to help Canadian companies expand and succeed in exciting, high-growth markets of Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia and Burma.

July 2012

Give your company international exposure as the Canadian Government showcases excellence in connected vehicle technology.

August 2012

India's power sector is growing at the speed of light - and so are the opportunities for Canadian companies. Find out how to make the most of them.
Minister Fast will showcase Canadian infrastructure firms with expertise in energy, transportation and water during his trade mission to Peru, Colombia and Panama.
Minister Fast praises the strength of Canada's financial sector and the role the TCS plays in helping it succeed.
Minister Fast launches a series of consultations to help refresh the Global Commerce Strategy (GCS). He also receives an advisory panel report on international education.
Minister Valcourt will lead a trade mission to Santo Domingo and Port-au-Prince from September 2 to 7, 2012, on behalf of Minister Fast, to showcase the strengths and expertise of Canadian companies.
Harper government's trade leadership and support for Canada's world-class aerospace sector is helping Canadian aerospace companies succeed around the world and here at home.
Interested in exploring the Mexican cleantech market? Register before August 13 to learn how to do business in this market and seize opportunities.

July 2012

Success of Canadian Aerospace Sector Minister Fast highlighted the important role the Canadian aerospace sector plays in generating jobs and prosperity in Canada while visiting the Bombardier facility in Toronto.
Discover how the TCS can bring you access and insight on this challenging market.

June 2012

Attend the world's largest trade event for the global aerospace industry. You could meet with Trade Commissioners and take advantage of their valuable advice.
If you have a question about doing business abroad, send us an email and tap into our global network of Trade Commissioners and experts.
Expand your business into foreign markets by meeting face to face with qualified potential buyers, agents, distributors and other business partners.
Minister Fast announces that results are already being produced by the first six Canadian digital media firms to "graduate" from the Canadian Technology Accelerator initiative.
The restored access to Peru market could be worth up to $2 million annually for Canadian beef producers.
Minister Fast leads trade mission to Russia from June 4-8 and attends APEC meeting in Kazan.
Minister Fast hails key role of women entrepreneurs in Canada's economy and releases the 2012 edition of Business Women in International Trade newsletter at an event in Vancouver.

May 2012

Jobs, growth and long-term prosperity are top priorities.
Minister Fast tells members of the American Chamber of Commerce that Canada and U.S. need to purse Asia-Pacific markets together.
Register for this webinar to gain valuable knowledge from experts about new consumer good safety requirements and expectations at the U.S. border.

April 2012

Join the Business Women in International Trade group. Become part of the discussions and expand your network of professional contacts.
SMEs that want to sell into the supply chains of large firms will benefit from the Global Reporting Initiative-the world's standard for measuring and reporting social and environmental performance.
Want to export your food supplements to the U.S.? Register by April 17 to learn about U.S. regulations and the new online training program for Canadian companies.
North America's largest wind energy event is just around the corner. We'll be there. Will you? Register now to learn more!

March 2012

Minister Fast will lead a Canada Trade Mission to Russia in June. Companies interested in joining the mission can learn more about it by registering for this webinar.
The Trade Commissioner Service outlines three ways to improve your chances of attracting venture capital.
Minister Fast attends Brand India Expo 2012 in Ottawa and says strong people-to-people ties are keys to strong Canada-India partnership.
Learn about programs that will help promote your products, technology or R&D to the DHS. Register today!

February 2012

Learn about standardized coding of names and numbers used for customs tariffs and the compilation of international trade data and statistics.
Canada selects six promising digital media start-ups to take part in the new Canadian Technology Accelerator initiative in New York City (NYC).

October 2011

Subscribe to the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service's (TCS) free bulletins and get the inside scoop on one of the fastest-growing and most competitive markets in the world.

February 2012

Get the inside scoop on countless opportunities for exporting, partnering and investing in Sub-Saharan Africa's Oil & Gas sector. Register now!

December 2011

Do you want to tap into the largest health IT market in the world? Don't miss this conference. Register now!

January 2012

Find out about the Canada Breakfast Panel, Export Café and more, as well as how to make the most of the event. Register today!

February 2012

Minister Fast highlighted in Vancouver the recent accomplishments of his visit to China, which was led by Prime Minister Harper. Agreements signed will take the Canada-China trade and economic relationship to the next level.

January 2012

Minister Fast wraps up a three-day trade mission to Libya to help Canadian companies re-engage with the country during its historic transition.
Minister Fast signed an extension to the Canada-U.S Softwood Lumber Agreement, which will benefit lumber workers and their families by bringing much-needed stability and predictability to the lumber industry.
Canadian cattle, sheep and goat producers will benefit from new access to the Philippine market. Free and open trade is the best way to create jobs and prosperity for Canadians, said Minister Fast.
Canada and the U.S. have recently agreed to implement two action plans that will speed up the movement of people and goods - a move that could save Canadian companies billions.
Current regimes to proposed reforms-companies in the defence, aerospace and security markets won't want to miss this webinar. Register today!