Export, Innovate, Invest - The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service

Business Mission Agreement

Sections 1-3

  1. Mission Profile
  2. Services Needed
  3. Mission Participants’ Profile and Needs

Section One - Mission Profile

To be submitted to post 8 weeks before the mission:

Section one is designed for the Mission Organizer to introduce their mission, it’s objectives and expected results. This section must be completed and submitted to the post as soon as possible but at least eight weeks before the arrival of the mission. This information helps the post plan for the event, consult with local service suppliers, and assist in the development of a draft program and budget for logistical and other expenses.


Name of Mission Organizer & Title:
Alternative point of contact for the Mission Organizer:

Please include your e-business card

Mission Details

(if you are planning multiple stops, please provide the details for each one)

  1. Destination (Post(s))
  2. Duration and Dates
  3. Anticipated number of participants (please attach tentative list of participants and their web sites if available)
  4. Describe the objectives and expected results of the mission
  5. Describe program requirements and focus, including targeted sectors
  6. Please advise who will be heading the mission (name of individual, organization and title)
  7. Please advise of other details and needs specific to your mission

Section Two - Services needed

To be submitted to post 8 weeks before the mission:

Our posts abroad have an extensive network of contacts in the local business community and government. We can provide valuable advice when the mission is still in the planning stages. For instance, we can validate your research about target markets and specific sectors. We can comment on the extent to which individual firms will benefit from participation in a trade mission. In addition to identifying appropriate contacts, our Trade team will be pleased to provide a detailed briefing to mission members on market prospects at the start of a mission and to debrief them on next steps at the conclusion if time permits.

Our Trade team can also assume responsibility, on your behalf, for logistics coordination associated with the mission. In most cases, the implementation will be assigned to an experienced and qualified third party for a fee.

Please identify all services that you require the post to arrange on your behalf. Describe in as much detail as possible how, when and where these services will be required. Post will review the request, make recommendations and return a draft budget based on services requested and consultations with local service providers.

Core Services

We provide six services, free of charge, to all Canadian companies who have researched and targeted their markets and bring significant economic benefits to Canada (for details: www.tradecommissioner.gc.ca)

  1. Market Prospect
  2. Key Contact Search
  3. Information on Foreign Companies
  4. Visit Information
  5. Face-to-Face Briefing
  6. Troubleshooting

Additional Services

We will review with our local qualified additional services providers, and forward cost estimates to you for approval. Where qualified third parties are not available, the post may offer additional services on a cost recovery basis.

  • Logistics Coordination
  • One-on-one meetings arrangements
  • Transportation
  • Accommodation arrangements
  • Hospitality
  • Translation/Interpretation Services
  • Printing (e.g.., signs, invitations, name plates)
  • Equipment rental (e.g., audio visual, cellular phones)
  • Meeting/Conference rooms
  • In-depth market reports
  • Other items(please specify)
  • Temporary office or display space
  • Media program
  • Photographer

Section Three - Mission Participants’ Profile and Needs

To be returned to Trade Commissioner 4 weeks before the mission:

All Mission Participants are asked to submit the requested information to the mission organizer no later that 4 weeks prior to departing on the mission.

SubSection I: Mission participant(s)

(Please include your e-business card)

Name and title:
Organization name:
E-mail & Web site:
Arrival/Departure dates (at post):
Preferred language of correspondence:

SubSection II: Industry Sector, Products and Services

(optional if you are registered in the VTC)

Business program activities are based on industry sectors. To maximize your networking potential in the sectoral seminars and business networking hospitality events, please identify for us:

  1. Your company’s primary industry sector or sectors (i.e. your core activities and strengths)
  2. Describe in detail your company’s products and/or services along with an explanation of how your products/services are used.
  3. Describe the typical end user of your products/services.
  4. Please describe your experience in the targeted market(s) and whether you have a local agent or representative (please attach contact info)
  5. To help us establish your credibility and help us promote your company and products/services, please identify any reputable clients either in Canada or abroad.

SubSection III: Company Profile and Market objectives

Using the information below, we will advise on contacts and activities that are specific to your individual needs.

  1. Include your company profile (one paragraph) that we can use locally to introduce you to potential contacts, as well as for possible use in a mission participants booklet. If possible, please provide in local language.
  2. Identify your specific expectations/interests/goals for every destination country (i.e. export of products/services, finding a distributor/agent/representative, investment opportunities etc).
  3. Please let us know whether you are planning to arrange meetings or activities on your own, or of any other element that will impact on your schedule (to help us plan group and individual meetings and events).