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Canada Trade Missions

What is a Canada Trade Mission?

Led by the Minister of International Trade and/or other senior government official, Canada Trade Missions are about opening doors and developing long-term trade and investment opportunities in foreign markets for Canadian businesses, including small and medium-sized enterprises, women, young and aboriginal entrepreneurs and new exporters. They build prestige and credibility for Canada while helping exporters to position themselves in foreign markets.

These missions are a significant component of Canada’s international business development efforts. The presence of a senior federal minister or senior government official on a trade mission facilitates access to key economic and political decision-makers for Canadian firms and provides greater public profile to business participants, helping them to network with the local business community.

Why participate?

Trade missions put Canadian companies on the map by showcasing our capabilities and competitiveness. Participants will learn about doing business in the host market(s), and gain exposure to the social and business cultures while experiencing first-hand the services offered by Canada’s trade commissioners on the ground.

A trade mission offers:

  • access to key economic and government decision-makers;
  • greater public profile at home and abroad;
  • unparalleled networking opportunities with the local business community;
  • business-to- business meetings with potential partners; and,
  • an opportunity to initiate, develop or complete deals.

What does a trade mission include?

Trade missions generally follow a structured program which includes one or more countries, spending an average of 1.5 to 2 days in each city within a one week period. Program includes business briefings, plenary/sector sessions, site visits (when possible), and effective networking events. Participants are introduced to potential partners in the host country and have pre-arranged business-to-business meetings tailored to their individual needs.

Is there a cost to participate?

There is a participation fee to join the mission. Fees help defray the costs of facilities and service providers. Fees vary based on costs in the host cities and are charged on a per company representative basis. Participants are also responsible for paying their own airfares, hotel costs and any personal expenses.

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