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Polish aerospace sector

Leading Polish experts will tell about the overall business environment in Poland with a focus on the recent developments in the Polish aerospace sector and related business opportunities.


Past Webinars

ASEAN, ten of the world's most compelling and dynamic markets with a regional population larger than the EU, is increasingly demanding clean technologies, creating opportunities for Canadian companies.

Are you a Canadian medical device company of small-medium size, looking for a right path to enter into China market? If your answer is yes, this webinar is definitely something you can't miss.

The objective of this webinar is to clarify the regulatory process of imported medical devices in China.


The webinar focuses on terrorism and related threats and opportunities in physical, cyber and personnel security; intellectual property theft and major crime in the UK; incident management and business continuity in the face of growing major catastrophic incidents; and building partnerships with UK companies.

This webinar is intended for Canadian ICT companies interested in learning more about the ICT market in the Nordic countries of Norway, Sweden and Denmark, including market trends and business opportunities.

The interconnectedness of Canada and the United States speaks to the depth of our relationship. Our safe and secure Canada - U.S. border facilitates over $1million in cross border trade each and every minute, adding up to over $742 billion in goods and services.