Luxembourg - Market Overview

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Source: Statistics Canada
Note: Data on Luxembourg-Canada service trade is not available.

Why Luxembourg Matters

  • Luxembourg is Canada’s 15th largest market in the EU for exports, despite being the second smallest state in the EU by population.Footnote 1
  • At €89,600 in 2015, Luxembourg’s GDP per capita is the highest in the EU, more than 60 percent higher than second-place Ireland.Footnote 2
  • Luxembourg is the second-largest EU source of direct investment in Canada, after the Netherlands, and the second-largest EU destination for Canadian investment in the EU, after the UK.Footnote 3
  • Luxembourg is strategically located, sharing a border with Belgium, France and Germany.
  • Luxembourg is a global destination for the financial sector. Many opportunities exist given the importance of Luxembourg’s financial and banking developments.

How to export to Luxembourg

Read the guide Exporting to the EU.

Sectoral Opportunities in Luxembourg


For more information on trade and investment opportunities in Luxembourg, contact your Trade Commissioner in Brussels, Belgium who also covers Luxembourg.


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