#HOTCS: Jan Scazighino, Rome

“Let’s say a Canadian supplier has been selling to the Italian market, but one of its product lines isn’t as successful because of competition from the United States. Well, guess what? Suddenly the tariff for that product line drops from 15% to zero, because CETA is now in force. And now that product line can be competitive not only in Italy, but all across Europe.

This is the time to take advantage of CETA because Canada has never been so prominent in the minds of Italians. Our recent trade mission in Italy showed that Canada and Italy are models of the progressive way forward, not just in trade, but in foreign policy, domestic policy, security, integration, migration. It showed two countries trying to do the right thing.

I’m a recent single dad of two teenagers here in Rome. To me, being a Trade Commissioner goes a long way to show my kids what it means to “get along” with other countries and to show them that Canada leads the way. That’s easily what makes me the most proud.”

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