#HOTCS: Jordan Reeves, Mumbai

“Here, I was on my way to play Santa for the consulate’s annual staff holiday party. India is a diverse country and is home to many religions and festivals. However, I don’t think those two guys expected to see Santa Claus walking the streets of Mumbai with a red bag over one shoulder. As Trade Commissioners, we’re super easy to approach. Navigating different markets with clients who are serious about exporting is just a huge adventure. We have a great time out there.

I often say to Canadian companies, "Please challenge our team," because we like that. We like getting pressed. We like getting a high-quality but demanding client, who’s done their homework and is committed to the market. The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service is essentially small groups of dynamic, friendly Canadians working abroad, who are hungry to work with Canadian exporters and to see them succeed. The successes of our clients give us a lot of satisfaction.”

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