#HOTCS: Maximo Hurtado, Madrid

“I was taking the subway in Madrid, when all of a sudden I saw an announcement on one of the screens saying that there was going to be a tender for LED signage for advertisements on one of the subway lines. And I remembered that a Canadian company had contacted me around ten years prior indicating their interest in the market for this specific service. We sent the lead to the company and then we helped them in many ways. We worked with them very closely from the beginning. We recommended that they create a subsidiary or a joint venture, because it was required by the tender. We even had our office in Toronto provide them with the contact details of the Spanish Consul, because timing was of essence. And I think it was something like 30 days in total to send all the documents required. And the company finally won the contract! When we learned about this I felt extremely happy as if I had won the contract myself. It's really difficult to describe that sense that I collaborated on this, I was proud of this, I felt really satisfied. And the company, well you can imagine, the company was really, really happy. And every time that you take Line 8 in Madrid you can see Canadian technology there.”

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