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Join New TCS Group: Doing Business in the United States and Mexico

Each day the United States, Canada, and Mexico conduct nearly $2.7 billion in trade. Their combined GDP is over $17.8 trillion. In 2011, merchandise trade between the NAFTA partners surpassed $1 trillion.

Expanding into foreign markets provides businesses, and especially SMEs, significant opportunities to grow and create jobs. Given the economic integration in North America, our proximity and our free trade agreement, as North American SMEs begin to export, they are most likely to export to a customer in a NAFTA countries.

The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) has 16 offices in the region actively promoting Canadian business opportunities in the NAFTA zone, while providing Canadian firms with the market intelligence, connections and support they need to capitalize on specific opportunities.

The group provides a forum to advance understanding of business practices in the NAFTA countries. Members benefit from exchanges of information on activities, experiences, interests and successes in the market while expanding their commercial network of contacts.

You are encouraged to join this new group and refer any colleagues who could benefit from participating in the discussions.

Our objective is to provide access to relevant information, top-notch service and on-the-ground intelligence from the TCS USA and Mexico Team. Enjoy the group and let me know how we can improve it to better meet your needs.

Doing Business in the United States and Mexico - LinkedIn Group

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