Video game market in Brazil

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Of gamers are video game mobile users

$3 billion CAD

Video game revenue in Brazil in 2021


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video game studios in Brazil

94.7 million

Video game users in Brazil

$71 million CAD

Total value of video game  exports in 2021

The Brazilian game market is the largest in Latin America and the 10th largest in the world, generating over $3 billion CAD in 2021 (on track for $4.3 billion CAD in 2022).

Mobile gaming represents nearly 50% of the market, followed by consoles (29%) and PC (24%). The industry is fast growing, with the number of studios tripling between 2018 and 2022.

In 2020, Brazil gained its first gaming unicorn with Wildlife Studios being valued at $4 billion CAD. Multinationals Sony, Microsoft, Google, Tencent and Apple all have a foothold in Brazil, while Riot, Ubisoft, Garena, IGG and Blizzard have local offices in the country.

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Brazil business landscape

The Brazilian federal Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (ApexBrasil) has been investing in its video game export program Brazil Games, a partnership with the national gaming association AGRAGAMES. In 2022, they supported a delegation to Canada’s XDS in Vancouver. There is a clear recognition of Canadian expertise in the sector and an interest in fomenting ties with Canadian industry.

The Brazil International Games (BIG) Festival takes place yearly in late June and is the largest video game conference in Latin America. This year, the TCS will be organizing a trade mission to BIG for Canadian studios and educational institutions focusing on gaming, animation, and programming.


Brazil is an attractive market for Canadian video gaming studies. Given its large population providing a strong player base of all ages, with a particular preference for casual and mobile games, the video game market is ideal for Canadian small and medium size studios. Brazil’s position as a regional powerhouse also facilitates access to the rest of the Latin American market.

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