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Team Canada Trade Mission to Malaysia and Vietnam

As part of Canada's Indo-Pacific Strategy, the Honourable Mary Ng, Minister of Export Promotion, International Trade, and Economic Development will lead a Team Canada Trade Mission (TCTM) to Malaysia and Vietnam. The trade mission will help Canadian exporters and innovators from across the country position themselves in these markets by showcasing their capabilities and competitiveness while facilitating long-term trade and investment opportunities.

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Team Canada Trade Missions are Minister-led, enhanced trade missions to the Indo-Pacific region tied to Canada's Indo-Pacific Strategy. These trade missions prioritize innovation sectors and seek to open doors for Canadian companies, from large and diverse businesses to SMEs led by groups traditionally underrepresented in trade, such as:

The Team Canada model also welcomes the participation of:

all coming together under a high-profile, "whole of Canada" approach.

Dates: Sunday, March 24 – Friday, March 29, 2024

Markets: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (March 24-26, 2024) and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (March 27-29, 2024)

Sectors: The trade mission program will be tailored to areas of Canadian competitive advantage and will focus on the following sectors:

Format: In-market

Please see eligibility requirements belowFootnote *

Why Malaysia and Vietnam?

The Indo-Pacific region is rapidly emerging as the global center of economic dynamism and strategic importance. It currently accounts for over one-third of the world's economic activity. By 2030, the region is expected to become home to two-thirds of the global middle class, and by 2040 projected to make up over half of the global economy. These remarkable statistics highlight the significance of the Indo-Pacific region for Canadian companies and offer unparalleled opportunities for expansion, market exploration, and strategic partnerships.

Launched in November 2022, Canada's Indo-Pacific Strategy seeks to expand and deepen Canada's existing partnerships in the region. One of the five strategic objectives of the Strategy is to expand trade, investment and supply chain resilience, including through expanding our trade network at home and abroad, paving the way for long-term growth and prosperity.

As one of the key initiatives under the objective, Team Canada Trade Missions to the Indo-Pacific are an opportunity for Canadian companies to reinforce their reputation for adopting and modelling international best practices. The first full-scale Team Canada Trade Mission took place in Japan from October 29 to November 2, 2023 with a large, diverse, multisectoral delegation of 160 organizations.

In 2024, in addition to Malaysia and Vietnam, Team Canada Trade Missions will be led by Minister Ng to South Korea from April 21 to 25, and to Indonesia and the Philippines in the fall.

Malaysia boasts one of the most developed economies within the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) region and is an important trade and investment partner for Canada in Southeast Asia. With its resilient economic fundamentals, talent pool and infrastructure, Malaysia is an attractive regional hub for Canadian companies and investors.

Malaysia is one of Canada's largest bilateral merchandise trading partners in the ASEAN region and in 2022, bilateral trade was up 17% to $5.7 billion from $4.8 billion in 2021.

Vietnam is Canada's largest trading partner in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and one of the world's fastest growing economies and presents a wide array of commercial opportunities for Canadian businesses.

In 2022, two-way merchandise trade between Canada and Vietnam totaled $13.8 billion, up from $10.5 billion in 2021 and $8.9 billion in 2020, comprised mainly of imports from Vietnam (approximately 93% of the total).

Bilateral commercial exchanges between Canada and Malaysia and Vietnam are bolstered by the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP). The TCTM will provide a valuable opportunity for Canadian businesses to further grow their exports into these key markets and benefit from the increased market access provided by the CPTPP.

Who is eligible to participate?

Team Canada Trade Missions welcome export-ready Canadian companies of all sizes, including exporters from diverse backgrounds, with strong potential to address opportunities in Malaysia and/or Vietnam and generate tangible business outcomes. Team Canada Trade Missions also welcome provinces and territories, municipalities and other Canadian organizations, such as trade associations and chambers of commerce, looking to expand their reach and engagement in the Malaysian and Vietnamese markets.

Eligibility criteria for Canadian businesses

To be considered for the Business to Business (B2B) program stream, applicants must clearly demonstrate the following criteria:

The selection of companies to participate in the TCTM will be based on an evaluation of the above criteria. Submission of an application does not guarantee participation. If an application is deemed not to meet the criteria, the application will be screened out.

Eligibility criteria for other organizations, such as representatives of provinces, territories, municipalities, trade portfolio partners, chambers of commerce and industry and trade associations:

Program (in development)

The in-market program will visit commercial regions in Malaysia and Vietnam and will include:

Considering the large size and the broad scope of the delegation for this trade mission, delegates will be divided into two program streams:

  1. General program, including networking opportunities and market briefings and applies to delegates representing trade associations, chambers, government (federal, provincial, territorial, municipal) and companies that are already well established in the target market. Examples include companies that have an existing robust and successful network, either through a local office or an established relationship with a local sales representative or distributor.
  2. Business to Business (B2B) program, which includes the general program as well as a tailored program of pre-arranged B2B meetings will be offered to a select number of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) based on a careful assessment of the SME's level of export and market readiness, local demand for the SME's product/service, and degree of sector-specific opportunities in the local market. Priority will be given to SMEs that operate in the priority sectors identified in the Event details section above, that identify as being owned by entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds, and that have strong potential to address opportunities in Malaysia and/or Vietnam and generate tangible business outcomes.

Each application will undergo an extensive assessment process to determine for which stream each organization may ultimately be selected for.

Opportunities for Canadian companies in Malaysia and Vietnam

Aerospace and defence

Malaysia only: Malaysia has identified aerospace as a strategic industry in the country's current industrialization and technological development programs. As air travel returns and moves beyond pre-pandemic levels, opportunities in fleet replacement for small regional airlines are emerging in addition to growing opportunities in maintenance, refurbishment, and overhaul (MRO), and pilot and technician training.

The Government of Malaysia will increasingly prioritize procurement in maritime and airspace capabilities as well as its intelligence and surveillance, providing an opportunity for Canadian companies to supply products and services to these markets and addressing Malaysia's ageing fleets.

Agriculture and processed food (including fish and seafood)

Malaysia: Although Malaysia is an exporter of certain food products, it remains highly dependent on imports for its food security. Malaysia's growing food-processing industry, rising per capita income and the growth of the middle-class present opportunities for Canadian agriculture and agri-food exporters to increase sales, with emerging opportunities for processed food and. Canada has also recently secured expanded access for Canadian pork to the market.

Vietnam: Agri-food products – including beef, pork, seafood, cereals, processed foods, and beverages – are in growing demand on the Vietnamese market. Benefiting from enhanced market access because of the CPTPP, Canadian exporters of consumer-oriented, retail-ready products are well equipped to meet the needs of a population increasingly concerned with food safety and quality.

Clean technologies, clean energy, and green infrastructure

Malaysia: In the ASEAN region, Malaysia is a relative leader in setting carbon and energy transition targets. Malaysian firms are interested in learning from Canada's expertise in this area, with particular focus to date in the areas of Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage (CCUS), nuclear and hydrogen related technologies.

Canadian firms have had success in providing solid and wastewater management solutions into the market. There is also opportunity for cost-effective technologies in the areas of Environmental Remediation, Waste & Recycling, Energy Efficiency & Energy Storage, and Smart Cities (energy intensity/ low carbon).

Vietnam: To meet its ambitious development goals, including achieving net-zero status by 2050, Vietnam will require a rapid influx of advanced clean technologies and green infrastructure solutions. Canada is particularly well positioned to seize opportunities involving waste management and recycling solutions; low-carbon infrastructure; green hydrogen and green ammonia; energy storage technologies; as well as carbon capture, utilisation, and storage (CCUS) processes.

Information and communications technology (ICT)

Malaysia: Malaysia's government remains heavily focused on accelerating the country's digital capacity and fully adopting Industry 4.0. This provides an opportunity for Canadian companies to provide solutions, particularly in the electrical and electronic manufacturing industry, which is a core strength of Malaysian industry.

Other areas of potential include:

  • cybersecurity
  • the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • artificial intelligence (AI)
  • advanced automation and robotics and drone tech
  • cloud computing and Big Data & Analytics (BDA)

Vietnam: Vietnam's ICT market had an estimated value of US$7.7B in 2021 and is expected to grow at an annual 8% rate from 2022 to 2026, with accelerated adoption of ICT solutions, including fiber optic infrastructure, digital payment, and cloud services. With this unprecedented demand for digital services throughout the country, there is an increase in cyber threats, resulting in a rapidly expanding need for cyber-security solutions.

These developments present opportunities for Canadian companies in these sectors:

  • FinTech, EdTech and AgTech companies
  • suppliers of cybersecurity services
  • smart cities solutions, artificial intelligence and digitization products
  • advanced manufacturing technologies (AMT) – such as those involved in the development of electric vehicles

Life sciences

Vietnam only: With Vietnam's middle and affluent class expected to account for 26% of the country's population by 2026, demand for high-quality healthcare services is growing exponentially. These developments offer continued market opportunities for Canadian suppliers of medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and food supplements.

Travel considerations and expenses

Travel advice and advisories

Before deciding to travel, please review travel health notices for COVID-19 and international travel. No matter where you plan to travel, make sure you check the Travel Advice and Advisories page for your destination twice: once when you are planning your trip and again shortly before you leave. Safety and security conditions may change between the date you book your travel and your departure date.

Entry requirements

Your passport must be valid for 6 months from your date of entry into Malaysia and Vietnam and must contain at least two blank pages for use by immigration officials.

You must complete a Malaysia Digital Arrival Card (MDAC) to enter Malaysia. This is an online pre-arrival form and can be filled in up to three days prior to your arrival in Malaysia. You must present your passport and a complete MDAC for border officers to validate before leaving the immigration counter.

Holders of a Canadian passport require a visa to enter Vietnam. Please pay close attention to the entry and exit requirement section for both countries and plan accordingly to ensure you apply for the necessary entry documents in advance of your trip. We strongly advise that you contact the High Commission of Malaysia and the Embassy of Vietnam for all inquiries regarding visas and entry requirements. Please note that the Government of Canada cannot intervene on your behalf if you do not meet your destination's entry or exit requirements.

Travel arrangements and expenses

Programming and travel details (such as in-country transportation options and hotel block bookings) will be shared with confirmed participants as information becomes available. Participants are responsible for organizing their own travel arrangements, including all air and ground transportation to and from the airport, and to make their own accommodation reservations using the provided hotel room blocks.

There is no fee to participate in the trade mission. However, participants are responsible for covering all related travel costs, including airfare, accommodations, ground transportation and meals not included in the program.

Important: Please make sure to purchase cancellation insurance and/or a refundable ticket in the event that the trade mission dates change.

Funding programs

Canadian SMEs interested in participating in a trade mission may be able to apply for CanExport Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), a Trade Commissioner Service program that provides funding to help Canadian SMEs looking to diversify their export markets.

The program is currently accepting applications from December 20, 2023, at 9 am EST to January 12, 2024, at 5 pm EST only for participants of the Team Canada Trade Mission (TCTM) to Malaysia and Vietnam (as well as Global Affairs Canada-led trade missions for businesses of diverse backgrounds). For applicants to both the Malaysia/Vietnam and South Korea TCTMs, you may apply for CanExport funding for both missions in the same application.

Please note that successful selection as part of the TCTM delegation does not guarantee CanExport funding as these are two separate processes. CanExport funding is limited and not guaranteed – we encourage early application to be considered.

Further details are provided on CanExport's Website. Applications are subject to CanExport eligibility requirements, and applicants should familiarize themselves with the SMEs Applicant's Guide.

The Government of Canada, as well as individual provincial and territorial governments, also offer export financing and other programs that help Canadian businesses expand internationally. Please consult the Business Benefits Finder to find programs and services suitable to your needs.

Interested in the Malaysia and Vietnam market, but unsure whether you are ready for this opportunity?

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Registration is closed.

As indicated above, all applications will be subject to a screening process to assess export readiness (for businesses), eligibility and suitability. To deliver a robust program that is beneficial to participating businesses, the Trade Commissioner Service reserves the right to select those Canadian export-ready companies and other organizations that are the most aligned with the sectoral focus and the objectives of the mission.

We anticipate a high demand for participation in this mission. To maximize the number of organizations able to participate, a maximum of two company representatives can register for the trade mission. Some specific program elements may have capacity limits that may only allow for the attendance of one representative per company.

If you are selected to be part of the business delegation, you will be provided with a detailed program and additional resources to assist you in organizing your travel arrangements.

Key contacts

Questions? Please reach out to the Trade Missions Team at or the Trade Commissioner Service.

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