Life Sciences Special Edition – 2021


Telemedicine company succeeds through helpful connections to global contacts

Canada's telehealth industry is growing, and advances in telehealth pioneered in Canada are increasingly popular worldwide. Learn more about how Canada's Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) made introductions and connections that aided one company's successful international expansion.

Mental health firms achieve global growth with the support of TCS programs and services

Due to the isolation and stress induced by the COVID‑19 pandemic, demand for effective digital therapeutics for mental health treatment has greatly increased. Learn how two cutting‑edge Canadian companies have found worldwide success with the help of Canada's Trade Commissioner Service (TCS).

Natural health exporters overcome pandemic challenges with expert advice

The pandemic has created challenges for many sectors, including Canada's strong natural health products industry. Find out why two Quebec‑based exporters credit Canada's Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) with helping them to tackle the pandemic's challenges and to make the most of emerging opportunities.

Medical devices firm meets increased demand from COVID‑19 to achieve rapid growth

Faced with unprecedented demand due to the pandemic, Canadian medical device company Southmedic rose to the challenge. Learn how Canada's Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) helped the Barrie, Ontario business capitalize on growth opportunities and provide critical personal protective equipment to markets in need.

How Canadian medical imaging companies are thriving with help from the global network of trade commissioners

Canadian companies MetaOptima and Circle CVI are at the forefront of innovation in the medical imaging industry. Find out how they reached new markets with the help of Canada's Trade Commissioner Service (TCS).

Two Canadian life sciences companies grow with BDC and TCS support

Many Canadian small and medium‑sized enterprises (SMEs) can benefit from the support of the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) and Canada's Trade Commissioner Service (TCS). These two life sciences firms leveraged this support to grow in new markets.

How a Canadian firm is accelerating the development of therapeutics

The COVID‑19 pandemic has highlighted the significance of the innovations made by companies in Canada's strong biotech sector. Find out how one Canadian company leveraged the support available to them to boost their global expansion.

Canadian surgical technologies improve patient outcomes worldwide

Canada's medical technology firms are celebrated worldwide for advances that improve health outcomes and increase the efficiency of healthcare systems. Learn how two firms continue to succeed in international markets with the help of the Trade Commissioner Service (TCS).

Canadian firms finding global success in healthcare interoperability

Canada is a recognized global leader in interoperability, and around the world, demand continues to grow for made‑in‑Canada interoperability solutions. Find out how one Canadian company works with the Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) to navigate export markets.

Canadian company blazes a new trail to drug development

The commitment to innovation shared by Canadian companies and academic institutions, and supported by investors and government programs, sparks the development of new pharmaceuticals. Find out how 48Hour Discovery, a Canadian pharmaceutical company is working with the Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) to find success abroad.

Canadian medical training and education improving healthcare worldwide

Thanks in part to Canada's well renowned healthcare system, Canadian medical training and education organizations train thousands of foreign nationals every year. Discover how three organizations are thriving worldwide with help from Canada's Trade Commissioner Service (TCS).

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