In case you missed it: Exporter Solutions is a new way to help companies succeed abroad

Canadian businesses seeking guidance on urgent export issues can now benefit from Exporter Solutions, a new online service from the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service (TCS).

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This convenient platform helps Canadian businesses quickly find resources and answers to frequently asked questions to troubleshoot common problems that they may encounter at each stage of their export journey.

The TCS developed Exporter Solutions to support Canadian companies that may be hesitant to do business abroad in the age of COVID-19. Businesses can also ask for help to resolve time-sensitive and/or business‑critical issues outside Canada.

By using Exporter Solutions, Canadian businesses can gain expedited access to a vast network of more than one thousand trade experts located in more than 160 cities across the globe, and quickly get assistance in international markets within one business day, depending on the complexities.

Canadian trade commissioners engage with each company to assess their unique situation and, if necessary, connect them with the appropriate local experts in the region in which they’re doing business.

Although trade commissioners can’t act on behalf of Canadian businesses in legal or private disputes, they’re able to provide guidance on how to navigate their particular situation, as well as direct them to relevant legal or customs officials who can represent their interests wherever they may be.

Exporter Solution is just one of several TCS programs and services available for small and medium‑sized enterprises. This new way to connect with the TCS will help many Canadian companies save valuable time and resources by helping them mitigate risks and avoid costly errors.

Visit Exporter Solutions today.

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