Transcript: Why participate in a trade mission?

Do business with the world
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Jaspreet Grewal, CEO of AxialBridge Inc.:
Trade missions are a vital part of really being a Canadian business. This is a service that not very many countries offer.

Looking to expand into new countries?
Join a Team Canada Trade Mission!
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Nigel Neale, Director, Trade Commissioner Service:
Trade missions led by the minister are high‑impact, low‑risk opportunities for companies to explore a new market.

What are the benefits?
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Sara Wilshaw, Canada's Chief Trade Commissioner:
You get this really intense period of building a network and getting to know people in the country who might be interested in partnering with you, who might be interested in buying something from you, who might be interested in co-developing something or investing in you.

What do you gain?
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Yulia Vasilyeva, Founder and CEO of Intelocate:
I think if the company has goals to grow, a trade mission is a great foundation to speed up some of the learnings.
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