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The State of Trade @ 20: An examination of trade diversification

Global Affairs Canada's flagship publication on Canada's annual trade and economic performance, The State of Trade, has reached a milestone this year with the release of the 20th anniversary edition on August 29, 2019. The report also includes a synopsis of recent work on trade diversification. Read a brief summary of the highlights of this year's State of Trade report.

Celebrating the second year of CETA

Canadian businesses continue to capitalize on improved European Union access under the Canada–European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA). Find out which sectors have seen the most benefit and how the Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) can help with entry to the market.

Canada's export performance under CETA

Canada's exports to the European Union continue to rise since the Canada–European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) entered into force. See which markets and sectors have benefited the most.

Modernized CIFTA offers expanded market access

The Canada–Israel Free Trade Agreement (CIFTA) has been modernized. Read about improved opportunities in this strategically located market.

Canadian wood products find a growing market in India

Tom Sundher is an energetic champion of marketing BC lumber around the world and an aggressive proponent of opening new markets for Canadian wood. He sees vast potential in India, and his company is already reaping the rewards of diversifying its business there with assistance from the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service.

Can digitalization enhance Canadian services exports?

Across industries, evidence shows that “digitalization” is transforming the landscape of Canadian exports. Read more to find out how leveraging digital technologies is affecting the growth of Canadian services exports abroad.

E‑commerce: Set your business up for online success

Companies looking to expand and diversify to new markets can find lucrative opportunities through e‑commerce. This being the case, it is important to note that e‑commerce is not without its own challenges and those considering it should inform themselves about the required components and recommended practices. Find out what you need to know to connect online with global customers.

FinTech company on a fast track to international success

MindBridge Analytics Inc. is part of the Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) pilot program that dedicates resources to promoting high‑potential firms in target markets abroad. The Ottawa company, which uses artificial intelligence to uncover anomalies in financial data, is getting the word out to prospective global customers and partners through the fast‑track initiative.

Grow your business with e‑commerce

E‑commerce offers companies the opportunity to access global markets and reach millions of potential customers online. The Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) invites you to take advantage of a new e‑commerce toolkit to help unlock your company's full potential and prepare for online success. From selecting the right pathway to engaging with customers, these resources provide useful insights to guide your e‑commerce journey.

Expand your business horizons with Canada's free trade agreements

There are a variety of issues Canadians face when seeking to expand their businesses internationally. One way the Government of Canada helps to reduce and eliminate trade barriers is by negotiating preferential access to world markets through comprehensive free trade agreements (FTAs). Let's look at some examples of how FTAs help Canadian SMEs to do business abroad.

Accelerators get ready for business in Asia

Meet the trade commissioners who are working to set up and manage the four new Canadian Technology Accelerators in Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Taipei. Find out how these markets are right for high‑growth, high‑potential Canadian technology companies looking to partner and sell their products and services in the vast region.

Sunny days ahead for Nova Scotia company

Metamaterial Technologies Inc. is shining bright in global cleantech with their innovative solar power solutions. The Nova Scotia‑based company has also advanced into the international marketplace with the help of programs led by the Trade Commissioner Service.

Indigenous SMEs are exporting more than ever

Recent data suggests that an increasing amount of Indigenous companies in Canada are diversifying to new markets abroad, even more so than their counterparts. Find out how these companies continue to overcome obstacles and thrive in global markets.

Iconic Canadian footwear offers lessons for exports of Indigenous products

Manitobah Mukluks, the world's leading manufacturer of modern mukluks and moccasins, is building capacity among Indigenous people and communities across Canada. At London Fashion Week and in growing markets abroad, the Aboriginal‑owned company is finding success by telling its story of tradition and sustainability.

Connecting Canadian Indigenous companies to Maori business

Francis Huot is the Senior Trade Commissioner in Auckland, New Zealand, overseeing everything that has to do with trade and investment between Canada and New Zealand. For him, this also means making meaningful connections between the Maori community and Indigenous businesses in Canada. Find out more about the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service in Auckland.

CETA lowers costs and eases labour mobility for Nunavut exporter

For Iqaluit‑based Arctic UAV, the Canada‑EU free trade agreement has already had a positive impact on the company. The innovative Indigenous‑owned Canadian company is also leveraging the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service's (TCS) international network and market insights to expand their services across Europe.

Learn about the innovative future of inclusive trade

The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) recognizes the importance of an inclusive trade agenda, and is pleased to present the new Spotlight on Inclusive Trade, an informative guide outlining various topics that benefit Indigenous‑owned businesses. Download your free copy of the Spotlight on Inclusive Trade..

Recipients applaud program's benefits for Canadian exporters

An initiative that has helped small businesses across Canada expand their horizons by exporting their products and services to new international markets is itself expanding. Past recipients are offering their insights on the program's benefits to their companies.

Partnership helps Canadian businesses get FITT for international trade

The long‑term symbiotic relationship between the Forum for International Trade Training (FITT) and the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service has benefited not only the two organizations but countless Canadian companies and business professionals. Find out how you can also leverage the benefits to compete globally.

Short films showcase the speed of global business

Check out a series of new videos by the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service that explore the impact that Canada's trade commissioners have on businesses and how your company can take advantage of its unique programs.

Bringing the best of Canada to the world

The 2019 Canadian Export Challenge kicked off a seven‑city tour to showcase and support Canadian businesses to go global. The Trade Commissioner Service was on‑the‑ground supporting companies in each city along the way. Find out what trade commissioners said about their experiences so far, and where the tour is headed next.

Representation of women in management is on the rise

Recent data suggests that women are increasingly likely to hold management positions in Canadian companies in several key industries, and that diversity near the top of major companies reflects positively on commercial performance.

Matchmaking draws animation companies closer together

A Vancouver‑based animation studio went looking for co‑producers in France. Learn how the Trade Commissioner Service helped it find the perfect partnership.

Technology accelerator puts the pedal to the metal

A program that helps high‑potential Canadian technology companies enter and excel in the international market is more than doubling in size. With four new locations in Asia and other enhancements planned, the Canadian Technology Accelerator will help even more entrepreneurs thrive in the world. Find out how to get your company involved.

Company finds progressive global markets for its industrial analytics technology

Canvass Analytics makes leading‑edge products that allow industries to use artificial intelligence to automate their processes and improve efficiencies. The Toronto company is quickly moving into the international marketplace, with a strategy to target customers that are “progressive and ready to adapt” and the assistance of the Trade Commissioner Service (TCS).

Accelerating a breakthrough for Alzheimer's patients

KalGene Pharmaceuticals is on a mission to reverse Alzheimer’s disease. See what three months at a Canadian Technology Accelerator did for its progress.

Natural skin care product moves from the crockpot to the world

Patrice Mousseau turned the home remedy she made for her baby daughter's eczema into a commercial product that is now for sale in Hong Kong. With the help of the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service (TCS), the single mother is learning strategies to take her company Satya Organics from the kitchen to the international marketplace.

Finding sustainable markets abroad for Canada's natural resources

Sustainability is at the heart of Canadian International Resources and Development Institute's (CIRDI) work with developing countries. But now the organization faces the challenge of sustaining itself. Here's how CIRDI is diversifying its funding base to secure long‑term success.

Polytechnique Montréal looks forward to a global future

With the launch of a new strategy for its 150th anniversary, Polytechnique Montréal is increasing its role around the world. In countries such as Mali, the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) is helping the school find opportunities in fields like mining education so it can become a model, a source of inspiration and a reference in engineering.

Canada sets a world standard for sustainable mining

A Canadian protocol is spreading internationally that ensures the country's mining companies operate in the most socially, economically and environmentally responsible way at home. With the responsible practices of Canada's mining companies abroad and the assistance of the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service (TCS), the Towards Sustainable Mining initiative is increasingly becoming a global standard.

Putting government support into play

Dynamo Playgrounds is leading innovation in the commercial playgrounds industry. The company has products in over 40 countries—but its founder says Dynamo wouldn't be where it is today without government support.

Gaming company adapts to play at higher level

Gogii Games has weathered market changes and expanded into new countries thanks to its ability to adapt. Learn more about this video game company's story.

The road to global commercialization for a former non‑profit

POS Bio‑Sciences has transitioned from federal non‑profit to commercial success with products in more than 50 countries. Find out why it's leading the way in the food and nutraceuticals markets.

Smart city solutions keep water supply safe

Water is essential for life, and smart municipalities are looking for technology to provide more intelligent ways to protect this lifeline. Find out how Real Tech Inc. will make its mark in the smart city space.

Women of the TCS

Locally engaged women trade commissioners navigate boardrooms all over the world. Many of them help Canadian clients get ahead in business, government procurement, research and development collaborations and more. As we celebrate International Women's Day, CanadExport brings you some of the stories of the women of the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service (TCS).

Canadian women‑owned SME exporters

Recent data suggests that women‑owned small and medium‑sized enterprises (SMEs) are taking their place on the international stage despite experiencing a number of gender‑specific challenges when growing business and reaching foreign markets.

Entrepreneur knows the importance of sales abroad and support at home

Amika Mobile Corporation has developed technology that allows for critical communication with people in emergency situations. Co‑founder and CEO Dr. Suhayya (Sue) Abu‑Hakima says the key to the company's success has been government programs that helped it get off the ground and an "aggressive but deliberate" strategy that is bringing it to the global market.

Marketing agency goes global with the help of TCS

Promotional products are sometimes associated with "trinkets and trash." Jane Mitchell's marketing agency Oyster Promo sells branded items that are "tangibly" different. With the help of the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service's Business Women in International Trade program, its unique sustainable products are striking a cord as the company starts going global.

Communications firm grows with woman‑owned certification

Caroline Desautels says that her company Toc Toc Communications works "outside the usual rules to create exceptional results." The Montreal boutique agency is taking advantage of certification that verifies it as a woman‑owned business and has developed a new methodology that appeals to the global market.

Program expands the reach of Canadian innovation

Going Global Innovation helps pioneering companies, universities and nongovernmental research centres in Canada pursue collaborative R&D opportunities abroad, with the aim to commercialize Canadian technologies. Now the unique initiative of the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) has increased financing and enhancements so that organizations can more easily take advantage of it.

From home‑based business to international success

Hatley Little Blue House is a family business with global ambitions. Find out how this children's clothing wholesaler is filling stores across North America, Australia and beyond.

The many obstacles to exporting

A survey asked enterprises to rate how difficult various barriers were to exporting. Discover which obstacles exporters found most challenging.

Canadians set to profit from new trade agreement

As the calendar changes to 2019, Canadian exporters are turning to new markets abroad with the help of a ground‑breaking trade pact. The newly minted Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans‑Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) will help diversify Canada's trade and investment towards the fast‑growing Asia‑Pacific region.

Shifting gears to find success Down Under

What do you do when the unexpected happens? Learn how one Canadian company navigated economic sanctions to turn them into financial opportunities.

Cornering the global market for blood testing kits

BioMedica Diagnostics has an aggressive growth plan to refocus on existing markets and products, extend its global reach and develop new disruptive technologies. The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) has given the Nova Scotia company fast‑track status under a pilot program to help it produce more revenue and generate additional jobs in the community.

Canada's need to diversify stronger than ever

The extent to which a country is affected by another country's economic shocks depends on, among other things, the share—or concentration—of exports destined for that country. Discover how Canada's export concentration compares to other countries and the government's 2025 target to increase diversification.

Canadian innovation helps quench California drought

Difficult climate conditions have made it an on‑going challenge for California to fill its municipal groundwater basins. The state has been eager to find innovative solutions that will ensure a reliable water supply for its population. Several of those solutions belong to Quebec City's H2O Innovation Inc.

How funding helped Canadian company to diversify beyond the U.S. market

Faced with a challenging environment in the U.S., Clearcable decided to diversify internationally into the Netherlands. Learn how it was approved for $45,000 in funding to explore the Dutch market.

Lights! Camera! Action! Vancouver film school shines bright in Sweden

Sweden is a vibrant source of students for the Vancouver Film School, which teaches everything from film and television production to high‑technology entertainment arts. The school's international strategy is getting attention in the country and all over the world with the support of the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service (TCS).

7 characteristics of successful exporters

Do you have what it takes to export? Learn about the characteristics, knowledge and capacities required to succeed in international markets.

Road to success paved with distributors

Canadian cleantech entrepreneurs often find their opportunities at the end of a long "road" of discovery. Find out how Cypher Environmental found theirs on the actual road.

There's more to the holidays than just trees

The holiday season means annual traditions such as drinking eggnog and making cranberry sauce come back into our lives. Find out how much Canadians consumed and traded these festive goods with the world.

One person's trash is another's treasure

As a young boy in Greece, Peter Tsantrizos dreamt of owning a garbage truck. Today the chemical engineer is getting rid of waste with environmental technology solutions that turn waste into energy and usable water.

Peace and perfume: one woman's mission to change the world

Barb Stegemann is creating peace with perfume. Her social enterprise — The 7 Virtues Beauty — sources essential oils from countries that are rebuilding after violent conflicts. Find out about her amazing journey.

Diversify to new markets abroad

Go further faster by connecting with the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service (TCS), Canada's export experts with the largest network of international trade professionals. Our informative guides, funding programs, and market reports are free to access and can help you take your business to the world.

Program expands to help even more Canadian exporters find new markets

CanExport, a funding program administered by the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service (TCS), gives companies incentives to develop and diversify their sales abroad. CanExport has already helped more than 1,000 firms compete more effectively in the global economy, and it will now be enhanced significantly. Find out how your company can take advantage of CanExport.

Finding a global market for physician scheduling technology

PetalMD, which makes web tools for hospitals and clinics to easily schedule doctors and that allow patients to book their own appointments, is finding a market for its ground‑breaking products in France and Belgium. With the help of the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service (TCS), the company is moving ahead in the fast‑moving global life sciences field.

Technology inspired by one life set to save many more

Mohammed Moin is on a mission to improve access to affordable drugs across the globe. Learn how the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) helped him break into the Bangladesh market and secure a $50 million deal.

Alberta startup finds early success in India

Nanoprecise Sci Corp uses sensors, sophisticated software and artificial intelligence to monitor mechanical components in the oil and gas industry as well as manufacturing plants. With its connections in India and the help of the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service (TCS), it's finding a healthy market for its technology in this vast country.

India energy market is ramping up

Canadian companies are seeing opportunities in the growing Indian market, and for those considering entry, now is as good a time as ever. The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) is here to help ease this process through its extensive global network and high‑profile connections.

Pacific Rim introduces the world to Canadian beer

Pacific Rim was skeptical about working with the Canadian government. But after tapping into this trade program, the young company has entered 12 foreign markets with its line of Canadian craft beers. Find out how they did it.

Frozen fruit business tastes success in Asia

Learn how Nature's Touch is effectively entering Asia's grocery stores and educating consumers about improved food safety to warm them up to its frozen fruits.

German auto parts company opens North American headquarters in Canada

After the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) identified a hot investment lead in Berlin, a team effort and personal touch steered German auto parts manufacturer Paul Kauth GmbH to choose Canada for its expansion into North America.

Drilling 'Down Under' to strike new opportunities

Alberta's DrillGear Oilfield Solutions Corp. and CalgaRIG Engineering are finding demand for their drilling rig products and services in Australia's energy market. With the help of the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service (TCS), these companies are making the best of the vast opportunities there.

Future of trade will be services

Services will be essential to Canada's future export success—but it won't be easy. Slowing growth in commercial services means it could be a challenging road ahead. Find out where there's opportunity and room for improvement.

Technology renders wastewater pollutants harmless

Breakthrough clean technology that removes complex, toxic pollutants from the wastewater produced by heavy industry and renders them benign has put a Canadian firm among the world's top cleantech companies.

Research strategies to identify ideal export markets

Diversifying to new markets is a great way to grow your business; however, the amount of options available to companies can often seem daunting. A new guide from the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) entitled the Spotlight on Market Research aims to help Canadian companies target the right markets, and reduce risk when expanding internationally. Read more in the Spotlight on Market Research.

New technology to track and combat infectious diseases

Predicting and managing the spread of influenza and diseases such as Ebola and the Zika virus is critical. Toronto's BlueDot Inc. has developed products that help governments as well as businesses and individuals respond to these public health threats.

Canada's clean technologies poised to lead sustainable future

As the world adapts to a more sustainable future, Canadian exports of clean technologies and applications have soared over the past five years and the world is taking notice.

Cracking the code to India's market

Tulmar Safety Systems produces training equipment for commercial flight crews but needed some extra coaching of their own to crack a last minute code and propel them to their first contract in India.

CETA turns 1: Canadian exporters have reason to celebrate

This September 21, 2018 marks the one‑year anniversary that the Canada–European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) has been in effect. With more than 510 million consumers in the EU market, Canadian companies are bound to find their niche in EU markets.

Company soaring with move to Aviation Alley

Establishing an office abroad can be challenging but with perseverance and assistance from the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service, Canada's Nétur Inc. is flying high in Poland's Aviation Valley. From Warsaw, Poland, this story is one example of how trade commissioners located in more than 160 cities around the world help Canadian companies succeed.

Expanding Canadian exports to the EU market

The Canada–European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) has reduced tariff lines and increased export opportunities for Canadian businesses. Find out which sectors have experienced the fastest growth over the past year.

Fighting fires to gain ground in new market

Forest fires have become an issue throughout Europe as temperatures rise, making it a hot market for Canadian portable water pump producer, WATERAX. Elevated EU competition, however, means that success won't come without extinguishing some fires themselves.

New guide lights the way for market diversification

There is a world of business opportunities awaiting Canadian companies, however diversifying to new markets comes with inherent risks. A new guide, Spotlight on Export Financing, published by the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) sheds light on Canada's trade programs and the suite of resources available to help Canadians. Acquire the capital and confidence required to explore new markets and seize commercial opportunities abroad—download your free copy of the Spotlight on Export Financing.

Education exports bring billions in benefits

From international students studying across Canada to sales and licensing of our education services around the world, Canadian educational exports are on the rise. Read on to learn about the benefits this brings to Canada's economy—and society.

Canada unveils new clean technology strategy

Global Affairs Canada announced a strategy and $15 million in funding to help exporters expand into new markets, promote Canadian clean technology capabilities, and enhance the country's position on the world stage in this increasingly competitive and rapidly expanding industry.

New funding to help Canadians diversify export markets

As part of $2 billion in measures to help the steel and aluminum industry brace itself for the impact of tariffs in the United States, the Government of Canada pledged $50 million to help companies diversify their export markets. Find out why diversification is important for all sectors.

Sales by foreign affiliates outpacing direct exports

There are different ways for Canadian goods and services to reach global markets and one of these is by establishing foreign affiliates abroad. Read about how sales by Canada’s foreign affiliates have recently been exceeding direct exports.

Audio podcast
Insurance for exports helps reduce risks

Selling goods and services in international markets can be very lucrative but it can also be risky. Exporters are using receivables insurance to help mitigate those risks international markets, and protect themselves against instability. Listen to the latest CanadExport podcast to learn about how the Receivables Insurance Association of Canada (RIAC) can help protect and strengthen your company’s operations.

Intelligent mining technology explores global markets

A Canadian mining company is using artificial intelligence‑based technology to improve safety and reduce costs while expanding its global business. Find out how exporting plays a key role in its success.

Nuclear industry offers clean‑energy solutions

The Canadian nuclear industry is putting a renewed focus on exports of its products and services as the world looks for sources of clean energy and develops clean technologies to combat climate change. From reactors to radioisotopes, companies and organizations in the sector are finding opportunities in markets abroad.

Event roots Canadians as preferred suppliers

Fifteen years ago, BC Wood planted a seed that grew into a successful international event bringing Canadian companies together with global buyers. Find out how the Global Buyers Mission is sprouting new opportunities for the Canada's forestry and wood products companies.

Safeguard critical business info with cybersecurity

Most businesses now have an online presence and while that brings many benefits, it also means companies may be vulnerable to cyberattacks. Business, employee and customer data is at risk, and companies are looking for ways to protect themselves. A new guide from the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) can help mitigate those risks. The guide, entitled Spotlight on Cybersecurity, contains information on identifying potential threats and tips for protection. Read more in the Spotlight on Cybersecurity guide.

Natural product back on track after "drug" vs. "food" debacle

Relaunching a product that's been pulled from store shelves is challenging for a small company, and even more so when exporting to a distant market like Sweden. From, Stockholm, Sweden, this story is one example of how trade commissioners located in more than 160 cities around the world help Canadian companies succeed.

Market access, resources draw foreign investment to Canada

While majority foreign‑owned companies in certain industries choose to operate in Canada to access the domestic market or resources, others come here for the United States market next door, new data suggests.

2018 Canada trade report released

Global Affairs Canada's Office of the Chief Economist has released its flagship report, Canada's State of Trade: Trade and investment Update – 2018. The report provides a comprehensive summary of the main developments in Canada's commercial activities during the previous year. The 2018 report describes the events that took place in the global economy and trade in 2017, including the main developments in Canada's economy and those of its key economic partners. Read Canada's State of Trade: Trade and investment Update – 2018 report.

Trade professional designation marks 20th anniversary

Canada's first designation for trade professionals marks its 20th anniversary in June 2018, and many Canadian trade commissioners consider the Forum for International Trade Training (FITT)'s Certified International Trade Professional achievement to be a 'feather in their caps'.

Wind farm puts company on solid ground

A new wind power project on Pakistan's southern coast is bringing reliable green energy to the developing country and helping a Toronto company establish a foothold in the burgeoning Asian market. From Islamabad, Pakistan, this story is one example of how trade commissioners located in more than 160 cities around the world help Canadian companies succeed.

Pakistan alight with energy opportunities

Wind and solar power projects are replacing thermal generation in Pakistan, eliminating thousands of tonnes of carbon dioxide per year while leading to local jobs and improved access to energy. Find out about the opportunities this creates for Canadian companies in this energy importer market.

California dreaming: real benefits for Canada

While Canadians, like many people, have long envisioned finding fame and fortune in California some may have dismissed the market as too far and highly competitive, but businesses should take another look—especially now that the state has surpassed the United Kingdom as the world's fifth largest economy.

Perseverance can unlock opportunities amidst change

The world was watching Cuba as President Raúl Castro stepped down as president April 19, 2018, and while perceived change is fuelling hopes that it will mean more business opportunities on this island nation, perseverance will be key in what will likely remain a challenging and complex business climate. From Havana, Cuba, this story is one example of how trade commissioners located in more than 160 cities around the world help Canadian companies succeed.

Company plays "a long game" at NATO

Bidding for contracts at NATO can be a difficult, lengthy and expensive process that might feel like trying to penetrate a defence "fortress", but as one company discovered, persistence does pay‑off. From Brussels, Belgium, this story is one example of how trade commissioners located in more than 160 cities around the world help Canadian companies succeed.

How to win a NATO contract

Working with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization—or NATO, as it is known—can be highly lucrative as well as fascinating for Canadian companies, but winning a contract bid can be tough. Get expert advice on getting in with the alliance.

Dr. John Maris

What's next, flying cars?

A trade mission to introduce Quebec companies and researchers in fields from aerospace to artificial intelligence to Israel's innovative technology market could pave the way for the world's first flying cars. From Tel Aviv, Israel, this story is one example of how trade commissioners located in more than 160 cities around the world help Canadian companies succeed.

Cascadia partnership to boost innovation

Together parts of British Columbia, Washington State and Oregon make up Cascadia, a region where a dynamic partnership promises to propel innovation forward. From Seattle, United States, this story is one example of how trade commissioners located in more than 160 cities around the world help Canadian companies succeed.

Importers bring important benefits to Canada

When we look at who is engaged in international trade, the focus is usually on those who export or who could potentially export, but who imports is also an important part of the picture.

Canadian hospital establishes presence in the UAE

A clinical partnership between children's hospitals in Toronto and in Abu Dhabi is the first of its kind, bringing advanced pediatric care to the United Arab Emirates. Read about how the agreement is boosting Canada's profile and opening doors wider for Canadian health‑care providers in the region.

Strong relationships energize business in Brazil

Forging strong relationships goes a long way in bringing about business success in Brazil, where personal connections are lighting the way for an Ottawa‑based provider of telemetry and automation solutions for remote assets. From Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, this story is one example of how trade commissioners located in more than 160 cities around the world help Canadian companies succeed.

Trade mission offers lessons for e‑learning company

A trade mission has opened doors into Oceania for participants including an Ontario technology company that found buyers in Auckland for its e‑learning products. This story is one example of how trade commissioners located in more than 160 cities around the world help Canadian companies succeed.

Offshoring and outsourcing: good or bad?

While some think offshoring and outsourcing are "bad" and result in job losses for Canadians, others think they are "good", improving Canada's competiveness. The verdict: researchers require data in order to analyze the evidence.

E‑commerce a perfect fit for shoe company

All shoes come with soles, but none quite like the "soul" of Zvelle's, a Toronto‑based producer of high‑end footwear. Find out how this Canadian company uses e‑commerce to reach customers around the world and build its brand amongst fashion connoisseurs.

Company puts Caribbean island in new light

A Nova Scotia company is illuminating the streets of Aruba with high‑quality, energy‑efficient LED technology lighting. Find out how collaboration between Canadian trade commissioners in Caracas, Venezuela, The Hague, Netherlands, and Halifax, Canada helped power the connection.

Company turns paper waste into power source

Clean‑technology opportunities abound in China where one Vancouver, B.C., company is helping a pulp and paper mill turn methane released from sludge waste into fuel for its operations, while feeding China's appetite for cleantech solutions. This story is one example of how trade commissioners located in more than 160 cities around the world help Canadian companies succeed.

Tara Bosch

Global sales sweeten the deal for candy maker

A conversation with her grandmother led Tara Bosch, 23, to an idea that is now a multi‑million‑dollar business, as well as her personal mission: help the world kick sugar without giving up candy. With some savvy networking, SmartSweets' gummy bears have entered the United States this month, and new treats will soon follow.

Trade missions a key to success for sisters

Two sisters who have found success in the male‑dominated machine parts industry say trade missions for businesswomen help unlock opportunities. Find out how these events have helped Imbritech Industries Inc. make the right connections.

Export program boosts tech company

Tara Kelly is a firm believer in the potential of technology to change lives for the better. With a little help from the CanExport program her company, SPLICE Software, will take its information management solutions to global markets.

California beckons to Canadian women in technology

California beckons to women technology entrepreneurs from Canada, and Los Angeles is an important hub for those looking to get ahead in uber‑competitive tech fields. Find out how initiatives such as TechWomen Canada LA can help.

Chinese tourists a boon for Canadian exports

Chinese New Year festivities are wrapping‑up, and Canadian businesses will have much to celebrate throughout 2018 as the designated Canada‑China Year of Tourism may lead to an increase in Canadian exports to China. Find out how bringing more Chinese tourists to Canada will increase the demand for Canadian goods.

Opportunities uncorked for Canadian wine in China

Wine is gaining popularity throughout China and as a growing number of tourists sample wines from Canada's vineyards, more bottles of Canadian wine will be uncorked in the world's most populated country. Initiatives in 2018 to bring more Chinese tourists to Canada present opportunities for winemakers to promote their brand.

Portugal suits Canadian surveillance technology company

The Portuguese market is booming for the Vancouver‑based Avigilon Corporation, which makes advanced video surveillance systems, and it serves as a key headquarters for managing operations in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. From Lisbon, Portugal, this story is one example of how trade commissioners located in more than 160 cities around the world help Canadian companies succeed.

New Canadian entrepreneurs face challenges in exporting

Businesses owned by new immigrants to Canada have the potential to drive export activity here, a new report concludes, but these entrepreneurs may not be reaping the financial rewards they expect. CanadExport explores how these exporters can overcome the challenges of doing business abroad.

Guide lights the path to marketing abroad

While successful businesspeople know that a good marketing strategy is a key factor in selling products and services, what works at home may not be right for international markets. Spotlight on International Marketing is a new guide to help companies sell more effectively abroad.

Venture capital helps finance Canadian drug development

It has been decades since we've had new, effective treatment options for some types of skin disorders, but that is about to change thanks to an Ontario company and venture capital from Spanish and Canadian investors. From Barcelona, Spain, this story is one example of how trade commissioners located in more than 160 cities around the world help Canadian companies succeed.

Strong Canadian economy could be challenging for exporters

Canada's economy is performing well—as indicated by factors such as GDP growth and an all‑time high employment rate—and while that is good news for many Canadians, it may prove challenging for exporters.

Spotlight on Global Value Chains

Globalization has created opportunities for Canadian businesses to become important links in global value chains. Spotlight on Global Value Chains is a new guide from the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) designed to help companies take advantage of these key international business connections.

Canadian Company Soars in Training Simulator Market

Canada's CAE Inc. makes leading-edge technology that simulates aircraft near-misses, battlefield skirmishes and even live births. The company’s new strategy to dominate in the training space worldwide is an exercise in getting closer to its customers—a good example for exporters, large and small.

Canada Deepens Ties with Pacific Alliance

As one of the first countries invited to become an Associated State of the Pacific Alliance, Canada is gearing up for talks in Australia in January 2018 to negotiate a free trade agreement with Alliance members as a bloc. Find out why business leaders see the deepening of ties with the region as a solid economic move for Canada.

Holidays Bring Cheer to Tree Exporters

The holiday season is a time for family, friends and good cheer—and for Canadian Christmas tree exporters, good sales. Statistics show Christmas tree exports totalled $43.1 million in 2016, shining brighter than previous year sales.

Demining Company Prepares for Field Tests

Demine Robotics is a small Canadian start‑up consisting of three recent university graduates, borrowed office space and big dreams: to rid the world of landmines and unexploded munitions that kill and maim thousands of people every year. Today the company founded on a young, new Canadian's hope for a better life is on the brink of its first international sale.

E‑commerce Creates Global Trade Route

As e‑commerce continues to "trend," capturing a growing share of global trade traffic, Canadian companies are increasingly taking advantage of opportunities to reach customers online around the world. Global Affairs Canada has taken note, and is putting in place tools to help businesses navigate the lucrative but potentially complex marketplace for buying and selling on the Internet.

New Guide Shines Light on World E‑commerce Market

Cyberspace is quickly becoming the world's favourite shopping mall. For many Canadian companies, e‑commerce is becoming an integral part of their global business strategy to easily reach both consumers and business clients in international markets. Spotlight on E‑commerce is a new guide from the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) designed to help companies become better‑prepared to navigate the world of e‑exporting, while avoiding some common mistakes.

Guide Helps Companies Reach Chinese Consumers Online

An updated guide by the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) is designed to help Canadian companies generate online sales by reaching millions of consumers in China. The guide, An Introduction to E‑commerce in China, provides information about various aspects of selling online to this vast virtual market including market-entry strategies, logistics management techniques, and how e‑payments work in China.

Canadian-Made "Barber" Trims Ukrainian Fields

How do you know whether your company has "made it" in another country? One tell-tale sign is that your product becomes so popular it gets a nickname. That's what happened to Saskatchewan's Schulte Industries Ltd. in Ukraine, where their rotary cutter is known as "the Barber of the fields." Find out how they did it.

CETA Expected to Increase EU Investment in Canada

The recently implemented Canada-European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) will likely lead to increased EU investment in Canada—a figure which had already nearly doubled for service industries prior to the deal, economists say. Find out which areas saw the greatest rise in EU investment.

Canada Repeals Facilitation Payments Exception

Facilitation payments are known in Italian as spintarella, or "pulling strings." In the Middle East, they are baksheesh. In Greek, they're fakelaki, or a "little envelope." In Kiswahili, kitu kidogo refers to "something small." In Latin America, it's a request for algo para el refresco, "something for a beverage" and in Chinese, they're chaqian, which means "tea money." Facilitation payments may go by many different names around the world, but in Canada they are now known as illegal.

Global Partners Step Up With Innovation Program

Industrial research needed to get a new product to market can be quite the undertaking—one that is even more challenging with partners in other countries. However, sometimes the missing link for success just happens to be on the other side of the world. Learn how a program to bridge Canadian companies with international partners for industrial research collaboration is finding success in India.

Tech Start‑Ups Take Fast Lane on Autobahn Program

German automobile makers that have driven the industry for years are now shifting gears to make way for technological advances. Find out how STARTUP AUTOBAHN can speed‑up the entry into Germany’s car market for Canadian technology companies.

High Stakes for Canada's Infrastructure Companies in P3 Projects

Public‑private partnership projects (P3) are an area of expertise for Canadians and a growing model for public authorities around the world looking for creative ways to finance their infrastructure needed. With some $94 trillion in possible projects at stake, find out how your company can capitalize on Canada’s P3 reputation.

P3 Projects: Take Your Expertise to the World

Canadians will mark the 25th National Conference on Public‑Private Partnerships in Toronto November 6‑7 with a renewed call to more aggressively take their P3 expertise to the international stage.

Adapting Your North American Business Model for European Markets

A Canadian company is set to revolutionize health-care delivery in Europe and beyond. Adapting a North American business model for several different European markets can be challenging, but as Sensory Technologies discovered, focussing on the similarities rather than differences is the key.

Canada‑EU: A larger Serving of Service Exports

Canada's commercial services exports to the European Union (EU) have been rising steadily for nearly two decades, and since 2000 have out‑paced growth to the United States. Find out which Canadian commercial services are the largest in the EU markets.

Tech Start‑Ups Get There Faster in Boston

The Canadian Technology Accelerator in Boston helps Canadian technology companies connect with top-notch sources that give them important contacts, tips, funding and assistance to commercialize, scale‑up and make a splash in the world. For Boondoc Technologies Inc. of Halifax, "it seemed too good to be true.

CETA: Canada and the European Union Usher In a New Era of Trade

Implementation September 21, 2017 of the Canada‑European Union (EU) Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) gives Canadian businesses duty‑free access to a combined market of about 500 million consumers and a GDP of more than $22 trillion. Find out why this landmark trade agreement means a new era of cross‑Atlantic trade for Canadian companies.

CETA: Canadian Companies Stand to Benefit

The provisional application of the Canada‑European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) means Canada is now one of the few countries in the world to have guaranteed preferential access to the world's two largest markets: the United States and the EU. Find out how tariff elimination on goods, improved access for trade in services and government procurement and the breaking down of other trade barriers gives Canadian companies a leg‑up on competitors.

Canadian Innovators Win Prestigious Dubai Expo Awards

Organizers of Expo 2020 Dubai have recognized three innovative Canadian projects for their creative solutions to pressing global challenges. A third round of applications for innovation impact grants is underway: find out about business opportunities in Dubai.

A Human Face: The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service

Trade Commissioners are the heart and soul of the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service (TCS). We are on the ground in more than 160 cities around the world. We are the Humans of the TCS. Get to know us a little better.

Market Reports Bring a World of Insight to Creative Companies

Canadian artists and companies working in creative industries can consult a new series of reports that highlight opportunities and challenges in key foreign markets. See how these reports and the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) can help Canadian companies bring their talents to the world stage.

Start-up on Fast Track to Success

The Canadian Technology Accelerator (CTA) program in New York City helps companies entering United States markets ramp-up their businesses. As one Montreal-based virtual reality start-up found out, working with the CTA can be a "fast-track" to success.

Technology Accelerators: Reaching a Turning Point

In conversation with CanadExport, Joshua Kleyman, a trade commissioner and coordinator of the Canadian Technology Accelerator (CTA) in New York City, talks about the need for changing the technology incubator model overall, and what makes the CTA's efforts especially unique and helpful.

Canada‑Chile Business Ties Flourish With FTA

As the Canada‑Chile Free Trade Agreement (CCFTA) celebrates its 20th anniversary this month, company representatives from both countries reflect on how the deal has helped business flourish.

Canada's 150 Birthday: Celebrating Canadian Exporting

As Canada celebrates its 150th birthday this month, trade commissioners who have helped home‑grown businesses succeed around the world reflect on the evolution of Canadian trade and exporting. While Canadian exporting has evolved considerably over the years, when it comes to helping clients, some things stay the same, trade commissioners say.

Canada's State of Trade: 2017 Report Released

The global economy has shifted to a higher gear and that stronger growth is reflected in Canada’s international trade performance, indicates the newly‑released Canada’s State of Trade: Trade and Investment Update – 2017, an annual report from Global Affairs Canada’s Office of the Chief Economist.

Stephen Mihailov, National Research Council of Canada (NRC), aligns an optical system for writing fiber Bragg gratings used in sensors that operate in extreme conditions. Credit: NRC

Canada: Celebrating a Strong Legacy of Innovation

From birch bark canoes to snowmobiles, and from medical advances to technological breakthroughs, Canada is a nation built on trade and innovation. Canada’s accomplishments have contributed significantly to global progress. As we mark Canada’s 150th birthday, here’s a look at some of Canada’s key inventions.

Collaboration Could Bring Tidal Power to Light

A Canadian company that makes equipment to measure turbulence in the water could make tidal power installations more viable and profitable. In partnership with researchers from Canada and the United Kingdom, Rockland Scientific Inc. is conducting promising tests in some of the world’s foremost tidal channels that could make the technology more sustainable.

Canadians Diversifying Export Markets

While the United States remains Canada’s number one trading partner, additional data analysis shows Canadian businesses are increasingly diversifying their export markets, with the number of exporters selling to other countries climbing over the last few years—particularly to China, the United Arab Emirates, and Vietnam.

Partnership Could Speed Drug Discovery

Speeding‑up drug‑discovery research could prove beneficial, given the time and cost involved in developing new pharmaceutical products. Find out how an agreement between organizations in Canada and Germany may help the process along, and lead to new drugs for genetic diseases such as cystic fibrosis.

Not Just a Travel Hub: Businesses Flying to Southeast U.S. Are Staying

From North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia to Alabama, the Gulf of Mexico and the Mississippi Delta, the Southeastern United States ranks high as a place of business, with an influx of new industries that have reinvigorated and expanded its economic base. Find out why Canadians are stopping in rather than travelling through.

Brain Tool Business has Wise Approach to U.S. Market

Two Canadian occupational therapists who have developed a unique tool that assesses and helps maximize brain functioning and cognitive skills are taking steps to bring their technology to global attention. The web and tablet-based tool detects even modest changes in neuro ability and measures their effect on a person's ability to function.

Putting CO2 Emissions to Good Use

A Calgary company has found a way to convert CO2 emissions—which are potentially harmful—and put them to good use from reinforcing concrete to manufacturing high‑performance electronics. Now Carbon Upcycling Technologies has found a U.S. market for its novel technology, with the assistance of the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service.

Fuelling the Promise of Hydrogen

A Canadian company with technology that uses energy generated by renewable sources to create hydrogen for a wide range of uses is gaining contracts and notice across Europe and beyond. Hydrogenics is at the forefront to develop applications that could "decarbonize" energy that is stored and used around the world.

Eli Gershkovitch

Eye Researcher Sees Benefits of Business Networking

Heather Sheardown, a professor of chemical engineering at McMaster University in Hamilton, had an eye-opening experience when she met with one of Canada's trade commissioners in Germany. The collaboration that resulted between her lab and Bayer Pharmaceuticals could lead to new ways to deliver drugs to the eye for debilitating illnesses such as age‑related macular degeneration.

Using the Power of Nature to Feed the World

A Vancouver company that makes sustainable technology to improve the health and increase the yield of plants without using chemical pesticides or fertilizers is turning heads in the world of agricultural technology. Terramera promises to unlock the power of nature to make "clean" food affordable.

Businesses Navigate Winding Road from Idea to Export

The journey begins with a great idea. Find out how making the right business decision is crucial for bringing that idea to the world.

From Living Off the Land to Feeding the World

Ellen Melcosky has found a big global market for her Little Miss Chief wild-caught smoked salmon by promoting her company as distinctly Indigenous, telling her unique story and enlisting the help of the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service. It's a recipe that's bringing her success in countries around the globe.

Shut Ur Pie Hole Bakes its Way into U.S. Market

Passed down through generations, Shut Ur Pie Hole's unique recipe for pies in jars is becoming a hit in the United States, attracting more than just pie lovers and foodies.

Canadians Design Machine to Rid World of Landmines

As a child growing up in Cambodia, Richard Yim vowed that one day, he would do something to rid the world of unexploded landmines that kill and maim thousands of people each year. That day has come.

Step‑by‑Step Guide to Exporting Ready to Ease the Way

For businesses looking to export, a guide by the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service is here to help—every step of the way.

Computational Science to the Rescue

Technology being developed in Canada designed to help first‑responders deal with natural disasters and mass emergencies is turning heads in the Rocky Mountain region of the United States.

Innovation Program Bridges Canadian Companies with International Partners

A program supporting industrial research and development (R&D) projects with high potential for commercialization helps Canadians take the first step with technology partners from Brazil, China, India, Israel or South Korea. As space industry representatives discovered, results can be out of this world.

New Fund Helps Great Ideas Thrive with Global Partnerships

From creating visual effects for the silver screen to producing the popular video games played on smart phones, Canada's high‑tech companies are "rising stars" in the highly competitive Los Angeles digital entertainment scene.

Program Cushions Landing for Technology Companies in The Hague

The Netherlands is a hub for security technologies and a gateway to Europe and it can be a challenging place to get established, but Canadian companies are gaining a leg up through a new platform offering guidance and connections.

Economist's View: Foreign R&D Spending in Canada Mostly from U.S.

American enterprises account for the lion's share of research and development (R&D) spending in Canada by foreign multinationals, new data shows.

Canada‑Korea Trade Agreement Anniversary Brings New Tariff Reductions

January 1, 2017 will mark two years since the Canada‑Korea Free Trade Agreement (CKFTA) came into force with numerous advantages for Canadian exporters, and the anniversary date will bring even more tariff reductions.

Canadian Goods and Services Excel in Korea

From lobsters to nuclear power training simulators Canadian goods and services are reaping the benefits of the Canada‑Korea Free Trade Agreement (CKFTA) and with more tariff reductions coming soon, businesses say things can only get better.

Businesses hit the ground running in Singapore

An established economy and a hub of stability and influence in the burgeoning Asia-Pacific region, Singapore—with its fast-paced business climate—is an ideal gateway to Asia. Here's a look at why so many companies are "singing the praises" of Singapore.

Canada outperforms the U.S. in price competitiveness in the manufacturing sector

Canada's unit labour cost (ULC) in manufacturing has improved considerably in recent years compared to the United States, according to data published by The Conference Board, an independent American organization that measures labour costs in the United States relative to other countries.

Canada's digital talent a hit in Hollywood

From creating visual effects for the silver screen to producing the popular video games played on smart phones, Canada's high‑tech companies are "rising stars" in the highly competitive Los Angeles digital entertainment scene.

Where content and tech connect

Los Angeles is known as the entertainment capital of the world, home to major studios such as Disney, Fox, Paramount, DreamWorks, Sony, Universal and Warner Bros.—but entertainment is only one part of the big picture of Southern California's creative economy.

Eli Gershkovitch

Companies say CETA to give them a competitive advantage

Canadian companies that export goods and services to the European Union will gain under the Canada‑European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA). Two Canadian companies share their views on what this landmark agreement means for their business.

Cameron Wallin

CanExport: A bridge to international markets

Helping companies around the world migrate to Google Apps has brought vast business opportunities for Vancouver's AppBridge Software Inc. With the assistance of the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service and the CanExport program, the company's global presence is expanding to Japan and beyond.

Projects with a purpose

Doing work in developing countries that is supported by international financial institutions can be lucrative for Canadian companies, while offering a degree of security, certainty and standards not always found in such markets. As LEA Group Holdings Inc. has found out, it can also have an even greater meaning.

How to pursue opportunities with IFIs

Identifying, bidding for and working on international development projects supported by International Financial Institutions is an intricate yet rewarding exercise. Find out how your company can pursue IFI opportunities with the help of the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service.

Vancouver company leverages the TCS for worldwide expansion

Zafin, a Vancouver‑based banking software company, called upon the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) for key market intelligence and high level introductions. From the U.S. to Africa, to Vietnam and Europe and beyond, that's exactly what they got. Learn more about the impact the TCS can make on your international expansion.

How one company tackled corruption abroad

Protecting your company from corruption requires knowledge and vigilance at all levels. In this conclusion of a two‑part series, CanadExport explores the strategies to avoid getting involved in bribery and corruption—and how to deal with it when it happens.

Quebec company drives into China and India

PMG Technologies, a Quebec‑based automotive safety and testing company, is pursuing two challenging yet lucrative markets: China and India. With help from the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service, PMG Technologies quickly and efficiently found its footing in each country.

Paying the price: Confronting corruption in international business

In the first article of a two‑part series, CanadExport looks at the problem of corruption in international business. Be aware of the legal, financial and reputational risks and read on to find out what one Canadian company did when confronted with corruption abroad.

Formula for success leads company to new markets

It can be challenging to have many different products, sectors and potential customers. Cypher Environmental is cleaning up one market at a time, and leaving its customers looking for more.

Company sees "good years to come" in Argentina

It's been a tough 10 years for Energold Drilling Corp. and other Canadian companies working in Argentina. Having found a niche and invested in the country, the Vancouver company is thriving there today, with the help of the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service. And it expects a bright future ahead.

Canadian Technology Accelerator now accepting applications

Could your company benefit from mentorship by industry leaders, support in accessing financial resources, and key strategic partners? Then look no further than the Canadian Technology Accelerator (CTA). Hear what one company has to say about its experience in the CTA. Apply today.

Cleaning up the world one day at a time

For Alberta's Nelson Environmental Remediation, a robust export market has been the key to staying alive. With sales cycles that can last years or even decades, long‑term marketing and intelligence gathering are a must.

Supporting innovative Canadian firms in the global marketplace

An intergovernmental network based in Europe is opening doors for innovative Canadian firms in the global marketplace. EUREKA promotes and supports market‑oriented global R&D and innovation, as well as facilitating access to financing. Find out how the program can help your company bring its products, processes and services to international customers.

A global reputation for tackling health in a new way

Vancouver's Ayogo Health Inc. is empowering patients through its engaging game‑based technologies. The company's hard‑won success in the health technology field is improving lives, attracting investment and turning heads among life sciences, pharmaceutical and technology giants around the world.

Are foreign multinationals creating jobs in Canada?

Foreign direct investment has traditionally played a significant role in Canada's economic development. However, will multinationals operating in Canada continue to be a major contributor to Canada's economic prosperity? Find out in the latest from Global Affairs Canada's Office of the Chief Economist.

No opportunity too tall for Moncton company

Size often matters for Canadian SMEs looking to do business with some of the world's largest corporations. A Moncton, New Brunswick‑based company found that the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service made it look bigger than it is—and increased the opportunities available to it at the same time.

Quenching the global thirst for services

Exports of services are bringing added value to Canadian companies looking to ensure their profitability and to make their products more competitive internationally. CanadExport shows how to take advantage of the booming global market for high‑value services.

Trade missions: Helping you grow your business

Women entrepreneurs can learn about exporting, make connections and find new markets on Canadian trade missions organized by the Business Women in International Trade program. As one West Vancouver business owner found out, you can even leave with a massive contract in the works.

Supplier diversity takes centre stage

Major multinational corporations are buying goods and services from Canadian business women under programs and initiatives that promote diverse suppliers. Learn how your company can take advantage of them at three upcoming women‑focused trade missions that will help you build new networks and forge partnerships.

Snapshot of Canadian female‑owned SMEs by industry

Female‑owned SMEs may represent a small share of Canadian exporters, but they account for a sizeable portion of exporters in particular industries. Global Affairs Canada's Office of the Chief Economist takes a closer look at female SMEs' share of exporters by industry.

To market, to market: How to avoid logistical nightmares

Getting products to customers around the world is a complex business, given myriad choices, new technologies and inevitable pitfalls. CanadExport offers tips and strategies to achieve shipping success—and avoid logistical nightmares.

Study shows TCS clients are better exporters

A new Global Affairs Canada study finds that companies that use the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) export more in value, in product varieties, and to more markets than companies that do not use the TCS. So what are you waiting for? Contact the TCS today.

A place for Canadian infrastructure companies that like a challenge

You have to be prepared for complicated infrastructure work in dynamic Southeast Asia, but there are also vast opportunities. Some successful Canadians companies in the region share their strategies, challenges and colourful stories about jumping into the Southeast Asian infrastructure boom.

Audio podcast: Build up your infrastructure exports to Southeast Asia

It's no surprise that Southeast Asia is experiencing significant economic growth and widespread urbanization, but how can Canadian companies capture their share of these opportunities? Listen to the latest CanadExport podcast about infrastructure exports to Southeast Asia.

How to get it right in Thailand

Canadian companies with innovative offerings will find that Thailand is a surprisingly progressive, well-located and resilient place to do business. We’ll show you how to avoid some common pitfalls and find some spectacular opportunities in this Southeast Asian powerhouse.

Uncovering the surprises of Cambodia

Often overlooked by Canadian companies doing business in Southeast Asia, Cambodia welcomes foreign investment, boasts a direct business culture, booming growth and an enthusiastic market for new products. CanadExport helps you discover business opportunities in this small but dynamic, fast-paced and well-connected country.

From the operating room to the board room

It's been a long journey for Novadaq Technologies, from the leading edge of medical diagnostics to success in a growing number of health-care markets around the world. Find out how a network of local distributors is helping the company successfully navigate the transition.

Canada's non-resource-based exports see strong growth

Canadian non-resource-based exports saw strong growth over 2014 and 2015. As of November, non-resource-based exports were up 34.9% since January of 2014. See what this means in the latest from Global Affairs Canada's Office of the Chief Economist.

New online tool helps make trade with APEC economies easier

Canadian companies exporting to APEC member economies may wish to consult a new online reference tool on the trade and tariff regimes for these countries—saving firms time and money as they navigate cross-border trade.

New CanExport program helps exporters expand their horizons

Small businesses in Canada can boost their prospects abroad through the new CanExport program, which helps them seek and develop new export opportunities. Find out how this program could help your company by sharing the risk of testing new markets—and leaving your comfort zone behind.

Podcast: Funding to help kickstart your international expansion

Could your company use some financial assistance to travel to target markets, attend a trade fair or conference, or conduct market research? Listen to the latest CanadExport audio podcast to learn about a new funding program designed to kickstart your international expansion.

New product helps exporters do business abroad—and get paid

New hassle‑free credit insurance that's available online is a game‑changer for small businesses that want to quickly and easily ensure they can close their foreign sales. CanadExport profiles a leading‑edge company that's using Export Development Canada's Trade Protect to keep its bank happy and avoid losses.

Foreign‑controlled firms in Canada making a big impact

Foreign‑controlled firms play an important role in the Canadian economy. In fact, a clearer picture is emerging of the important role of foreign‑controlled firms for the Canadian economy and which countries are investing in Canada.

Small business, big impact

It makes the smallest parts on an aircraft, as tiny as one‑quarter the thickness of a human hair, yet Shimco is becoming critical to the international aerospace market with the help of the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service. Find how this tenacious little company is taking on the Goliaths of its industry—and winning.

One company's key to new markets and customers

Hear what one company has to say about developing and strengthening long‑term relationships in business, expanding into new markets, navigating cultural differences and opening doors to new customers.

A new way to shop on the Internet

Azzimov Corp. in Montreal is making shopping online as easy as in a store, focusing on big data to make sense of the tens of millions of items that Internet retailers offer. With the help of the Canadian Technology Accelerator, Azzimov's new "product-centric" search platform is in use in some of the largest markets in the world.

When to go back to the drawing board

Global markets bring enormous risks as well as rewards. When a Montreal software company found that it faced impossible competition in a planned move into a U.S. market segment, it changed tactics and rethought its approach. Read on to find out what happened next.

How to get engaged with infrastructure projects in Southeast Asia

The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service is working to bring the potential of the giant Southeast Asian infrastructure sector onto the radar of Canadian SMEs. The time to get involved is now; find out how to get a foot in the door and take advantage of TCS resources from marketing essentials to helpful introductions in the region.

Companies share how they get connected and fuel growth

If your company could use mentorship by industry leaders, support in accessing financial resources — not to mention key strategic partners — look no further than the Canadian Technology Accelerator (CTA). Hear what these two companies have to say about their experience in the CTA.

The ASEAN imperative:
Infrastructure boom holds promise for Canadian companies

Canadian expertise in infrastructure is second to none, and Southeast Asia offers compelling opportunities, from roads and airports to hospitals and water-treatment systems. In the first in our series of articles on ASEAN, CanadExport shows you where and how to look for opportunities in the powerhouse ASEAN region and offers strategies for finding success there.

Companies share how they get connected and fuel growth

If your company could use mentorship by industry leaders, support in accessing financial resources — not to mention key strategic partners — look no further than the Canadian Technology Accelerator (CTA). Hear what these two companies have to say about their experience in the CTA.

Diversifying Canadian exports within the U.S.

Much has been said of the need for Canada to grow its exports by diversifying to markets outside of the U.S. But the latest from our Office of the Chief Economist takes a closer look at rates of growth by U.S. state, with some interesting observations for Canadian companies.

Small Vancouver company leverages Canadian Technology Accelerator in Silicon Valley to boost its revenues

There is nothing easy about Silicon Valley. A new Trade Commissioner Service short documentary follows Neurio, a small Canadian company looking to make a breakthrough in the demanding world of Silicon Valley. See how the Canadian Technology Accelerator is helping companies stand out in a crowd.

Company finds its (international) voice

It started as a directory of voice‑over actors on a nascent internet a decade ago. Today, has grown into a massive digital media marketplace. Now the Canadian Technology Accelerator is helping the company find a voice in the $26‑billion global language services industry.

Video: The key to forging long-term relationships

Andrew Angus, founder and CEO of Collingwood, Ontario‑based Switch Video, says to dream big. He should know; his small company has found a way to transform his company into a global player. Find out how.

Trade Commissioner Service releases first of two documentaries

Is your company a high‑growth, market‑ready firm looking to access global markets faster? If so, watch the new TCS documentary which features an on‑the‑ground look at one company's experience participating in the Canadian Technology Accelerator in the U.S.

Developing a Reflex for global business

Just five years ago, Reflex Wireless was an idea in a university laboratory; today, the company is selling high‑tech products that are improving lives and finding success in the highly competitive Health IT field. With the help of the Canadian Trade Accelerator, it has a surprisingly large global footprint.

Does Canada lack large firms?

The claim is often made that Canada does not have many large firms. This supposed lack of large firms, it is thought, hinders Canada's international commercial performance. Read on to see what our Office of the Chief Economist has to say about that.

The transformation of Turkey

With an economy that's tripled in size in the last decade, a low‑cost skilled workforce, a strategic location and moves to "value‑up" in areas such as technology and aerospace, the market for Canadian products and services in Turkey is strong. Find out how to write your company into Turkey's amazing success story.

New tool helps Canadian SMEs access natural gas reserve

A new hands-on tool can be used by Canadian businesses to pursue business development with tier 1 and tier 2 suppliers active in the Marcellus Shale Gas Reserve, the largest of its kind in North America.

A gateway to half the world's population

Hong Kong beckons today, as a springboard to China, a low-tax, service-driven economy and a wealthy market with a taste for new and innovative products. Find out how your company can take advantage of this international gateway.

Dependency or diversity? The concentration of Canadian exports

The Herfindahl-Hirschman Index might sound like a list of medical conditions, but it's not. It's a key statistic used to measure the concentration of markets. Find out how Canada measures up in the latest facts and figures from our Office of the Chief Economist.

How to bid on NATO contracts — and win

Keep your ear to the ground if you're interested in bidding for a NATO contract. Get ready for a long, intricate and expensive process and don't forget to follow up. In the second in our series on bidding on NATO contracts, CanadExport gives you the goods on how to play the same game as your competitors — and win.

Why bidding on NATO contracts can boost your bottom line

With a vast procurement program in its operations and missions around the world, providing NATO with goods and services is immensely rewarding for companies large and small. In the first of two articles on NATO contracts, CanadExport looks at why this lucrative market may be right for you.

Non-resource exports surge in 2014

While energy continued to perform strongly among Canadian exports in 2014, that performance masks surprisingly strong growth in other areas — a testament to the strength and flexibility of Canada’s economy.

Canadian Business Women in International Trade

Business women find success south of the border

With a strong U.S. dollar, a market that’s close and familiar and the assistance of the Canadian Business Women in International Trade program, Canada’s women entrepreneurs are finding opportunity in exports to the U.S. On this International Women’s Day, CanadExport looks at how they’re making it happen.

Renée Safrata

Program helps women grow their global footprint

Are you ready to export? It’s a question that many entrepreneurs ask themselves, given the risks as well as the rewards of developing sales outside of Canada.

"Must attend" trade events will widen your networks

Looking to connect with multi-national corporations, learn about export markets and reach out to new international customers? Make it happen by joining the Canadian Business Women in International Trade (BWIT) team at upcoming annual trade missions for women entrepreneurs.

Get ready to crack the EU market

It’s time for Canadian companies to prepare to take advantage of the historic Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement with the European Union. Find out how your company can succeed in this lucrative yet challenging market.

From long-shot to global technology powerhouse

A Canadian pioneer in the field of satellite Internet access is finding customers for its unique antennas all over the world. With a successful reseller strategy and vertical markets that are limited only by the imagination, the sky’s the limit for C-Com Satellite Systems.

How large is Canada’s trade deficit with China?

It has often been said that the significant flow of goods between Canada and China is one-sided, with Canada importing much more merchandise from China than the Chinese import from our country. However, new statistics suggest that Canada’s trade deficit with China may not be quite as large as initially thought.

Immigrants critical to export success

Canada’s diversified immigrant population makes an important contribution to our export success, especially in emerging markets. CanadExport looks at a report that suggests how new Canadians can become important strategic assets for the country.

Paving the way to Italy’s procurement opportunities

A study commissioned by the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service in Italy is helping companies capitalize on the country’s ambitious plans to renew its public infrastructure. With one of the world’s largest economies, there are rewards for Canadian firms that can navigate Italy’s many complexities.

Canadian trade with a development focus and partner countries

Canadian trade has been following a pronounced diversification trend away from the U.S. and to emerging and developing countries. Find out more in this week’s analysis from our Office of the Chief Economist.

Lessons from the greatest supply chain disaster in Canadian history

When Target Corporation announced in February that it lost $1-billion in Canada last year, many industry-watchers saw it coming. The retailer’s failed launch in Canada is a textbook case for companies looking to successfully move into any new market.

Audio podcast
The risks and rewards of joint ventures in India

Looking to start a joint venture in India? Download the latest CanadExport audio podcast which features an expert who tells it like it is when it comes to tackling the challenges of partnering in one of the biggest markets in the world.

The growing importance of foreign affiliate sales

Canadian foreign affiliate sales increased from $350 billion in 2002 to $500 billion in 2012. But what does this trend mean for Canadian companies that serve foreign markets? Find out in the latest analysis from our Office of the Chief Economist.

Audio podcast
India: If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere

It’s no surprise that India is not the easiest place to do business. However, despite declining growth rates, the country is showing a renewed confidence. CanadExport speaks to former Microsoft India chairman Ravi Venkatesan about the bounce in India’s step.

A sharp learning curve for Cold-FX inventor

Growing up in China, Jacqueline Shan learned about traditional medicines. In Canada, she got a "crash lesson" in business. The combination has led to a range of successful herbal products, despite some setbacks. Read about Shan's journey and tips for success.

Agreement levels the playing field in Honduras

The Canada-Honduras Free Trade Agreement reinforces Canada's engagement in the Americas. Under the new free trade agreement, each country will eliminate 98 percent of its tariffs on goods imported from the other country. Find out how your company can benefit from greater trade and investment with Honduras.

How to survive and thrive in emerging markets

Small and medium-sized companies can boost their sales by exporting to fast-growth markets, although they can fail dramatically in such places as well. CanadExport looks at strategies that can help you make it in the emerging world.

India’s challenge: How to conquer the chaos

With intense price competition, layers of bureaucracy, creaking infrastructure and a complex culture, India is a challenging place to do business. Learn the strategies that Canadian companies are applying to thrive in India and other emerging markets.

India’s promise: Make it there, make it anywhere

To Ravi Venkatesan, if you can “crack the code” in India, your company will have success all over the world. As the former CEO of Cummins Inc. and Microsoft Corp. in India, he should know, Find out what he says about how-and why-to make it in India.

Trade deal with South Korea opens doors for Canada’s exporters

The Canada-Korea Free Trade Agreement provides unprecedented new access for Canadians to the world’s 15th-largest economy, and will make South Korea a larger gateway into this dynamic region. Find out what it means for your business.

The adaptation imperative in exporting

H.G. Wells wrote of the imperative in nature to "adapt or perish." The same could be said of the export market: companies that sell goods and services abroad must continuously modify their products to suit global or local needs.

What the Dragon's changing appetite means for Canada

China's economy is no longer growing at a brisk double-digit pace and the country is moving from an export-led growth model towards a more domestically-oriented economy. So what will this mean for Canadian SMEs? Find out what Foreign Affairs, Trade & Development Canada's Office of the Chief Economist has to say about China's changing economy.

Twins stand out in more ways than one

Chris and David Hobbs, twin brothers at the helm of Two Tall Totems, a mobile development company in Vancouver, were busy turning heads at a recent wireless technologies trade fair in Barcelona. Find out what they did to stand out in the IT crowd.

A business built on moving on

From its early days in the 1940s, providing utility trailers to work camps developing Alberta’s booming oil fields, ATCO Structures & Logistics has made a name in the world of temporary structures. CanadExport looks at the strategies that have brought this mobile pioneer success in more than 100 countries.

Podcast: Jack Diamond on CETA, services and the Canadian advantage

Jack Diamond, one of the principals of Toronto-based architectural firm Diamond Schmitt Architects, shares his advice to Canadian service exporters, as well as how CETA will affect his small business, and why Europe matters for his company. Listen to this podcast.

“Tea moment” leads Canadian woman to export success

Riding a packed city bus through the streets of Shanghai on a visit to China eight years ago, Wendy Weir witnessed a moment that would send her on a journey into the world of international business.

Audio Podcast: Tapping Brazil’s massive S&T potential

Brazil is one of the world’s most enticing markets, boasting a stable economy and an innovative science and technology industry. So what will it take for innovative Canadian companies to take advantage of this potential? Find out in the latest CanadExport audio podcast.

Global classroom: Canada trades on mobility with Brazil

A large-scale Brazilian education and internship program in Canada is enhancing skills and forging critical trade and investment ties between the two countries. Find out how to get your company involved.

Prepare for the unpredictable: How to make it in ASEAN

Canadian companies doing business with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) are meeting the challenges of this hot market head-on. CanadExport looks at some of their experiences and the strategies that are helping them make it in this complex, competitive and relationship-centric region.

ASEAN opportunities: Region holds promise for Canadian companies

Canada is drumming up business in ASEAN, a powerhouse of 10 dynamic countries in Southeast Asia marching toward economic integration. In the first of two feature articles, CanadExport looks at where the prospects are in the region and the strategies that are helping Canadian companies find success there.

Flying high—with their feet on the ground

When they took over Arconas Corp. just over a decade ago, Pablo Reich and Dan Nussbaum found a niche for the commercial furniture company making airport seating, a specialty market where they saw sky-high potential.

If you like it then you better put a contract on it

Are you about to sell your product abroad or partner with a dream client? Great. But even if it is a business marriage made in heaven, make sure you negotiate and sign a written contract. If not, it may cost you a lot of time and money — even with a trustworthy partner.

Post-crisis world exports: Neither desirable nor dire

From the beginning of the 1990s until the first quarter of this year, world exports increased by more than five times to reach a total of $4.5 trillion, but growth has not been constant throughout this period.

Considering India? Advice from a Canadian company in the know

Canadian businesses thinking of entering the Indian market know the learning curve can be steep. A company with a growing presence in India shares two key pieces of advice.

Tap into our network of #businesscontacts

In business, it's not only what you know, it's who you know. So get to know the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service's extensive network of contacts via Twitter. Follow us, retweet us, and tap into our nifty list of trade commissioners on the ground in markets around the world.

How one company is turning heads in Europe

Quebec-based Ciara Technologies went from being a "completely unknown company" to being invited to bid on major contracts for Europe's automotive giants — in less than a year. Find out how the company went from zero to sixty faster than many firms.

Canadian automotive exports recover

After a decade of decline in exports, the Canadian auto industry has seen strong export growth over the past three years, with exports rising 58% since 2009. However, exports are still far off their record peak.

MedMira takes Canadian technology global

Halifax-based MedMira has spent the past 19 years expanding its business across the world and shows no sign of slowing down. The disease diagnostics company credits its success to both its cutting edge technology and assistance from the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service.

Air transport key for Canadian exports

At first glance, air transportation may not seem particularly important to Canadian exporters. After all, only 10.3% of Canadian merchandise exports, by value, were transported by air in 2012. But according to DFAIT's Office of the Chief Economist, the numbers tell a different story.

Is crowdsourcing your market intelligence a good idea?

Crowdsourcing, the online practice of soliciting services, ideas or content from undefined groups both on and offline, is gaining in popularity among companies as an inexpensive way to accomplish costly or tedious tasks, like accessing key market intelligence. But is this just a fad?

Six key strategies for success

Are you developing your market-entry plan for Brazil, Russia, India or China? While each market has its own unique characteristics, your success in these countries depend on six proven strategies gathered from trade commissioners and savvy business women.

Marlene Moore

Video: How to make market entry faster and more efficient

Learn about how a Canadian company in the renewable energy sector is refining its market entry strategies, gaining high-level market insight, tapping key decision makers, and getting strategic advice on which markets to prioritize — all quickly and efficiently.
(Read the video transcript.)

Chile FTA a “golden nugget” for Quebec firm

A Quebec company credits the Canada-Chile Free Trade Agreement with its success in the South American market. The company says the agreement, coupled with Chile's proactive approach to trade, is giving it an edge there — even 15 years after the agreement was signed.

Podcast: Why free trade is making Canadian firms stronger

Over 60 percent of Canada's gross domestic product relies on trade, which is why the Government of Canada is pursuing the most ambitious trade expansion plan in its history. The latest CanadExport podcast features an expert who talks about why free trade agreements matter.

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