Opportunities at Türkiye's international education fairs

Türkiye, March 31-April 10, 2015 > International Education Fairs of Türkiye (IEFT) Spring 2015 is Türkiye’s roadshow of six international education fairs organized in five different cities—Ankara (March 31), Izmir (April 2), Istanbul-European Side (April 4-5), Istanbul-Asian Side (April 6), Adana (April 8), and Eskisehir (April 10).

This roadshow offers Canadian education institutions an opportunity to recruit international students. Over 20,000 visitors including high school students and their families, university students, company executives, education agents, school counselors, and high school and university decision makers are expected to attend the fairs.

The Consulate General of Canada in Türkiye has partnered with the IEFT team to organize the Canadian participation to the roadshow. The benefits of this partnership include:

For further information and registration, contact:
Osman Cakiroglu
Trade Commissioner
Consulate General of Canada in Istanbul
Tel: 90 (212) 385-9753

For more information on IEFT Spring 2015, visit the roadshow website.

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