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Customs Brokers - Chile

Disclaimer: Be advised that most links are only offered in the language of origin.

Note: Although our offices are not in a position to recommend that you use the services of one particular firm or to guarantee the quality of the services provided, we are pleased to provide you with the list of qualified contacts who offer the following services.

Agencia de Aduana Aníbal Moya y Cía. Ltda.
Jorge Moya, Customs Broker
Prat 827 of. 601
Valparaíso Chile
Tel.: (56-32) 235-0100

Agencia de Aduanas Browne Ltda.
Edmundo Browne, Customs Broker
Huérfanos 812, Piso 15
Santiago Chile
Tel.: (56-2) 2637-7000

Agencia de Aduanas Carlos Durán y Cía. Ltda.
Carlos Durán, Customs Broker
Cochrane 667 oficina 401
Valparaiso Chile
Tel.: (56-2) 600-450-4040

Agencia de Aduanas Felipe Serrano Solar y Cía. Ltda.
Felipe Serrano, Customs Broker
Dr. Barros Borgoño 225
Santiago Chile
Tel.: (56-2) 2583-7900

Agencia de Aduanas Mewes y Cía Ltda.
Eduardo Mewes, Customs Broker
Fanor Velasco 85, of. 401
Santiago Chile
Tel.: (56-2) 2441-5400

Agencia de Aduana Zulueta
Patricio Zulueta, Customs Broker
Av. Andrés Bello 2233, P. 10
Santiago Chile
Tel.: (56-2) 2751-0900


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