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Qingdao, historically known as Tsingtao, lies in the south of Shandong Peninsula while looks out to the Yellow Sea. It faces the Republic of Korea and Japan across the sea in the east; and is located in the middle of Beijing and Shanghai.Its geographic location makes Qingdao the 7th largest port in the world and the second largest port for foreign trade in China. In addition to its seaport, the city is a naval base, industrial centre and the hometown of the world-famous Tsingtao Beer. It is administered at the sub-provincial level.

Qing in Chinese means "green" or "lush", while dao means "island". Surrounded by sea and mountains, Qingdao is noted for its beautiful sceneries:the magnificent coastline, the fairyland Laoshan Mountain, the urban landscape dotted with red roofs and green trees against the blue sea and azure sky, the diverse architectures predominantly in European style, and the former residences of China’s contemporary famous writers and scholars. Cited as China’s “capital of sailing”and Asia’s best nautical city, Qingdao hosted the sailing events of the 29th Olympic Games and the 13th Paralympic Games in 2008.

Business Environment

Qingdao enjoys unrivalled economic advantages that include a fair market order, an efficient government system, guaranteed social securities, and world-class infrastructures - making it one of the most attractive destinations for foreign investments. In an effort to reduce business costs and increase efficiency for corporate establishment, Qingdao is the first Chinese city to introduce government working systems such as “lump-sum declaration”, “one-stop service” and “one-stop examination and approval”.

As one of China’s most economically dynamic cities, Qingdao is the best commercial cities in China with the“Award for Entrepreneur Satisfaction”, and a “gold-medal city” for its investment environment, a top ten innovative city in China and a top ten most attractive city in the eyes of foreign talents.

Seven sectors are the pillar industries of Qingdao: household electric appliances and electronics, petrochemicals, automobiles and locomotives, ship and ocean engineering, textile and clothing, foods and beverages, and machinery and steel. A number of enterprises and brands, such as Tsingtao Beer, Haier, Hisense and Doublestar etc, has been nurtured here, which makes the city as the “capital of Chinese brands” and “top ten brand cities in China”.

In 2012, Qingdao’s GDP reached RMB730 billion, up 10.6% over the previous year. The total value of import and export trade was US$73.2 billion and a total of 111 of the world top 500 enterprises had invested in 219 projects in Qingdao.

Special Development Zones

Qingdao has seven national development zones, and nine provincial development zones that enjoy relevant state preferential policies including:

Market Access

Canada has a number of bilateral trade and investment policy instruments in place that are helping to facilitate and support Canadian commercial engagement in the region including:

Major Stakeholders

Qingdao is home to many famous Chinese enterprises and well known trademarks, including:

Many of the world’s top 500 enterprises and well-known multinational companies have also established their presence in Qingdao, including Wal-Mart, Jusco, Carrefour, METRO, Watsons, and Itokin, Saint-Gobain and Auchan.

Qingdao has a thriving financial sector with many foreign financial institutions operating in the region, including:

The Canadian Advantage

Qingdao’s industrial ambitions in being the regional shipping, logistics, financial services, and high-tech industrial centres match well with Canadian capabilities and strengths.

Commercial opportunities

Canadian commercial success in the region

Qingdao will be the site of one of Canada’s newest trade offices abroad,[1] slated to open in 2009. The office is an indication of the increasing attention Canada is paying to North China and will further support Canadian interests in the region.

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Fast Facts

Area: 11,282 km²(4,356 mi.²)
Population: 9.05 million (2015)
Density: 773 per km² (2,002/ mi.²)
Language(s): Mandarin, Qingdao dialect
GDP(2014): 179.5 billion CAD

Major Industries: Electronics and household appliances, shipbuilding, automotives, petrochemicals, chemicals and fiber, textile and garment, machinery, bio-pharmaceutical, rubber, shipping and logistics.
Main Export Destination: USA, EU, Japan, Republic of Korea, Hong Kong, Australia, Taiwan.
Main Import Sources: Republic of Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Canada.
Major Exports: Garment, electric and electronic products, machinery and equipment, textiles, footwear, metal products, aquatic products, chemicals, transport tools, computer and communication technology, tyre.
Major Imports: Electric and electronic products, minerals, machinery and equipment, aquatic products, textiles, steel and steel products, chemicals, finished oil products, rubber and rubber products.
Export Volume: USD 45.8 billion (2014)
Import Volume: USD 34.1 billion (2014)
Top 7 Investors: Hong Kong, Republic of Korea, Japan, USA, Virgin Islands, Singapore, Taiwan.

Friendly Co-operative Cities in Canada with Qingdao:
Edmonton starting from 2001.05.18
Richmond starting from 2008.04.22

Mayor: Mr. Zhang Xinqi
CPC Secretariat: Mr. Li Qun

Administrative divisions: 6 Urban Districts, 4 County-level Cities

Canadian Trade Commissioner Service Coordinates

Canadian Trade Office in Qingdao
Qingdao Shangri-la Centre Office Tower
Unit 2608, 26th Floor, No. 9
Xiang Gang Zhong Road, Shinan District
Qingdao, 266071, China
Tel.: (011-86-10) 5139-4000
Fax: (011-86-10) 5139-4450

19 Dongzhimenwai Dajie,
Chao Yang District
Beijing 100600, People’s Republic of China
Tel.: (011-86-10) 5139-4000
Fax: (011-86-10) 5139-4450

Room 1705, Metropolitan Tower
Wu Yi Lu, Yu Zhong District
Chongqing 400010, People’s Republic of China
Tel.: (011-86-23) 6373-8007
Fax: (011-86-23) 6373-8026

China Hotel Office Tower, Suite 801
Liu Hua Lu, Guangzhou
Guangdong 510015, People’s Republic of China
Tel.: (011-86-20) 8666-0569
Fax: (011-86-20) 8668-6093

Hong Kong
14th Floor, One Exchange Square
Central, Hong Kong SAR, People’s Republic of China
P.O. Box 11142 Central
Hong Kong SAR, China
Tel.: (011-85-2) 2847-7414
Fax: (011-85-2) 2847-7441

American International Centre
West Tower, Suite 604,
1376 Nanjing Xi Lu
Shanghai 200040, People’s Republic of China
Tel.: (011-86-21) 6279-8400
Fax: (011-86-21) 6279-7456


[1] The Canadian Trade Office in Qingdao enhances the coverage provided by the Canadian Embassy in Beijing, which continues to include Qingdao in its territory of responsibility.

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