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Canadian Technology Accelerator – Japan

Impact of COVID-19 outbreak on Canadian Technology Accelerator participants

We are here to help you expand your operations in international markets and will continue to do so during these challenging times. Due to travel restrictions, we are currently offering our CTA programs virtually. The decision to resume in-market programming will be based on:

The Canadian Technology Accelerator Program in Japan is a five-to-eight month program. It supports high-potential Canadian tech companies fast-track their market entry and scale their business in Japan.

The program fosters strategic partnerships and business development.  It connects top-tier Japanese corporations, clients, partners and investors to Canadian companies in the following sectors:

The program is for later-stage tech companies that are committed, have the resources and the capacity to develop the Japanese market.

There is no fee to apply for the program. To participate, company executives (CEO, founders, VP business development) must apply through a competitive process.

Why Japan

Japan has the third-largest national economy and is one of Canada's most important partners. It is a major global investor and Canada's largest source of foreign direct investment (FDI) from Asia.

Japan has more and more multinational enterprises (MNEs), in a wide array of industries. As they embrace open innovation, their appetite for outside technologies, ideas and partnerships with foreign companies increases.

Japan’s market:

Partnerships with Japanese MNEs could lead to opportunities to work together in third markets.

What we offer

A customized program, tailored to address individual company needs within the scope of business development or investment raising activities. These may include:

What you need to qualify

Program dates

The Japan CTA program is run on a rolling basis. Once you’re accepted into the Japan CTA program, you must participate in all the programming elements for the 5-8 month duration. On-boarding and in-market dates are flexible within the 5 to 8 month period.

Please contact for more information.

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