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Canadian Technology Accelerator – San Francisco Health

We are here to help you expand your operations in international markets and will continue doing so during these challenging times. Due to travel restrictions, we are currently offering our CTA programs virtually.

Do you want to scale up your health or life sciences company in San Francisco? This region, including Silicon Valley, is home to one of the most important clusters of medical innovation in the world. It is also known for its strong venture capital ecosystem and high concentration of business and startup leaders. The Canadian Technology Accelerator (CTA) business development program will help advance your company’s commercialization goals and increase access to local opportunities to successfully expand into the United States (U.S.).

Important dates

Application deadlineProgram datesApplications status
July 15, 2021September 1 to December 15, 2021Closed

Who should apply

We are looking for high-potential, growth-stage companies in:

Companies must:

The Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) supports equality and diversity in trade. We strongly encourage companies led by Canadians of all backgrounds and orientations to apply.

What we offer your business

Upon acceptance, your business will benefit from:


The program will offer customized virtual support from September to December 2021 for three hours per week. We will establish tailored priorities at the beginning of the program to develop your business strategy as well as advance your market entry, investment and customer acquisition objectives. You will participate in:

Following the guidelines for COVID-19, we will continue to reassess any in-person attendance for the CTA Digital Health in the U.S. However, if a visit to the U.S. is possible, companies should plan to spend a maximum of seven days in the country.

What you will gain

Graduates of this CTA will gain:

Contact us

Learn more about the CTA by contacting:

Nicole Sanders

Nicole Sanders
Trade Commissioner, Life Sciences
Canadian Technology Accelerator —San Francisco


"CTA was a great program. The mentors in CTA were directly related to the business and contributed to our business strategy. We got introductions to potential partnerships investors that will secure the long-term viability of our business. I will be recommending this program to other Canadian companies in the future." Serenity Bioworks Inc., San Francisco Life Science CTA 2018-19

“Excellent program. The depth of the engagement for an accelerator program was the best we've experienced so far.” MIMOSA Diagnostics, San Francisco Life Science CTA 2020-21

“While working at the CTA in San Francisco we built countless relationships that have led to numerous strategic partnerships, including an excellent partnership with a major consultancy. We will continue to maintain a presence in-market as we work toward raising funding and continue to foster ongoing relationships with partners.” Affinio Inc., Silicon Valley CTA 2014-15

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