Cleantech market in Denmark

Industry highlights


Of all exports from Denmark are from cleantech


Denmark's ranking in the global Ease of Doing Business - ranking #1 in Europe


Danish cleantech exports in 2018


Danish companies in world's top 10 most sustainable


People employed in Danish cleantech startups


Of biomass heat in Denmark comes from Canadian sources


Of workers are employed in cleantech sector


Reduction in co2 by 2030

Denmark is characterized as having one of the world's most advanced clean technology markets. The country is internationally recognized for their:

Companies like Ørsted, Vestas and Danfoss call Denmark home, but the country is also home to oil and gas production, non-green fuel consumption and lack of expertise in green fuels.

Key opportunities for Canadian cleantech companies in Denmark:

Notable challenges for Canadian cleantech companies in Denmark:

Denmark business landscape:

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Denmark is a small and stable market where green technology has been centered politically and socially since the 1970s. Danish companies are world-class within clean technologies - particularly within wind energy, district heating and low-carbon building and design. Canadian companies can be successful in the market by partnering with incumbent companies, if they have something innovative and different which is not already available. Carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) and hydrogen are areas where Canada has a lot to teach Denmark and these technologies are not as advanced in Denmark, compared to Canada. Denmark is home to many major players within clean technologies and these companies tend to be quite open to meeting, if you have the right product or solution.

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