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Estonia : Market overview

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Source: Statistics Canada
Note: Data on Estonia-Canada service trade, Estonian Direct investment in Canada is not available.

2015 Trade and Investment between Estonia and Canada (C$, Millions)
2015 Trade and Investment between Estonia and Canada (C$, Millions)
Trade and InvestmentC$, Millions
Canadian Merchandise Exports to Estonia$23.0
Canadian Merchandise Imports from Estonia$107.5
Canadian Direct Investment in Estonia$4.0

Why Estonia Matters

How to export to Estonia

Read the guide Exporting to the EU.

Sectoral Opportunities in Estonia:

Clean Technology

Although the Baltics region has a relatively small environmental technologies sector, it is growing steadily. With existing investment from other Nordic countries, Canadian investment could further bolster the growing clean technology sector in Estonia.


Estonia’s shale oil industry was first established in 1916 and now has an annual extraction quota of 20 million tonsFootnote 4. Estonia’s electricity is predominantly produced via shale oil-fired power plants. Although a modest annual production, Canadian energy companies specialising in shale gas could benefit from exploring investment opportunities in Estonia. In addition to shale oil, Estonia produced 10.4 terawatt hours of electricity annually.Footnote 5

Information and Communications Technology (ICT)

Estonia has one of the world’s most advanced e-governments in the world, fostering a highly advanced digital society with a commitment to government transparency. Canadian companies could benefit from investing in Estonia’s IT systems, particularly in education and research, as well as innovative e-government possibilities.


For more information on trade and investment in Estonia, contact the Trade Office in Tallinn, Estonia.

Please be advised that our regional Baltics Trade Commissioner operates out of the office in Riga, Latvia.


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