Estonia: Market overview

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Why Estonia Matters

How to export to Estonia

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Sectoral Opportunities in Estonia:

Information and Communication Technology

Estonia has one of the world’s most advanced e-governments, fostering a highly advanced digital society with a commitment to government transparency. Canadian companies have already been involved in the development of e-governance as well as other systems in Estonia, implementing them on a global scale. The Estonian digital start-up scene is one of the world’s strongest, presenting opportunities for B2B collaboration and investment in digital subsectors including Fintech, customer service, business administration, gig economy, and more. Estonia also has a burgeoning robotics and automation industry.


As part of the European Green Deal and EU Climate Targets, Estonia is seeking to lessen its dependence on shale oil for domestic energy production and implement renewable and low-carbon sources. The offshore wind and solar industries, as well as related downstream and supply chain opportunities, may present investment and business opportunities for Canadian firms.

Clean Technology

The need for clean technologies in Estonia has been growing steadily as industries sign on to greening initiatives. Opportunities may be found in the sub-areas of district heating, greening of ports, energy-efficient construction materials, and other niche areas.

Defence and security

Since the invasion of Ukraine, and owing to its shared border with Russia, Estonia has redoubled spending on defence and security. Canadian firms may find opportunities in provision of defence and security materiel and technology, and integration into global supply chains that provide materiel to Estonia. Canadian firms are eligible to bid on Government of Estonia procurement processes under the Canada-European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA).


For more information on trade and investment in Estonia, contact the Trade Office in Tallinn, Estonia.

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