Canada-Korea Battery Technology Partnering Mission - Seoul, October 20-24, 2020

Request for Expression of Interest

Global Affairs Canada, through the Canadian Embassy in Seoul and in collaboration with the National Research Council Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC IRAP), will be pleased to receive your application to participate in the “Canadian Secondary Battery R&D Mission to South Korea”, which will be taking place from October 20 - 24, 2020 in Seoul, South Korea.

The mission will be built around InterBattery 2020 and aims to maximize the participation of Canadian companies while giving participants greater exposure to both Korean and international R&D companies and organizations.

Please note that interested companies must apply no later than August 14, 2020. This deadline is firm.

Note: Due to the COVID-19 situation, current travel restrictions and mandatory quarantines in Canada and Korea, the mission may have to take place virtually. This means that B2B meetings and speaking opportunities would be held virtually and some elements of the program may have to be cancelled. You will be asked to express your level of interest in the in-person and/or virtual programs when filling out the application form. Please be candid in your responses. A decision on the format of the mission will be made by the end of August based on the situation at the time.

Mission Objective

Korea is home to many global leaders in the secondary battery manufacturing sector such as LG Chem, Samsung SDI and SK Innovation. The country has been building a strong battery economy around these three companies and their 1st and 2nd tier Korean suppliers. The Korean public and private sectors have been investing heavily in battery technologies to maintain their competitive and innovative status and stay ahead of international competitors.

With their strong R&D expertise and capacity in the battery sector, Canadian companies are well positioned to partner with leading Korean companies and R&D centers to increase their global competitiveness and their access to new markets. The mission will focus on introducing Canadian SMEs to potential Korean partners for industrial R&D collaboration with potential for future commercialisation.

Examples of R&D collaboration include:

Collaborative R&D projects (validation, adaptation and co-development) between Canadian and Korean companies resulting from the “Canadian Secondary Battery R&D Mission to South Korea” may be eligible for Canadian International Innovation Program (CIIP) funding.

Canadian Delegate Profile

Canadian participants should meet the requirements below in order to benefit from this initiative:

Mission Description

The Canadian Secondary Battery R&D Mission will take place over a 4-day period in the margins of InterBattery 2020. Planned elements of the mission include:

Technology and products of particular interest for this mission include:

Secondary Battery in South Korea

Eight global companies out of the top 10 electric vehicle OEMs are using batteries from the leading Korean companies: LG Chem, Samsung SDI and SK Innovation. Around 80 Korean companies*, mostly small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), are supplying technologies and products to these three companies, and have built a strong ecosystem in the Korean battery sector. The Korea Battery Industry Association (K-BIA), otherwise known as the InterBattery organiser, is also playing an important role in advancing the sector’s innovation agenda.

South Korea spends a greater proportion of its GDP – 4% – on R&D than any other country. Advanced materials and components are some of the fields in which the Korean government has been investing heavily to build local R&D capacity. Some Korean companies are well recognized in the global supply chain of battery components (e.g., cathodes: L&F, EcoPro BM; separators: SK Innovation). However, Korea still needs to nurture its domestic capacities in anodes and electrolytes while continuing to invest in cathodes and separators in order to stay competitive in the fast-changing global market. At the same time, Korea’s focus remains centered on creating a sustainable cycle of battery production based on safe/efficient usage and reuse/recycling strategies as part of their broader climate change agenda.

Latest developments include:

InterBattery 2020

Korea Battery Industry Association hosts InterBattery annually to promote trade, R&D partnership and investment opportunities between Korean and foreign stakeholders. With major Korean companies (LG Chem, Samsung SDI, SK Innovation and strong SMEs) participating every year in the event, InterBattery has become a key battery event in Asia. The event includes an exhibition hall (where Canada will have a national pavilion) and a conference program. In 2019, the event attracted over 30,000 industry contacts and hosted 200 exhibitors. InterBattery takes place concurrently with three other energy-related trade shows (Korea Smart Grid Expo, Seoul International Electric Fair, Power Generation Korea) under the umbrella of Energy Plus.

Financial Support for Travel Costs (applicable to in-person mission only)

The Canadian International Innovation Program (CIIP) may provide financial support to eligible Canadian SMEs participants for 50% of all eligible expenses (see application process below) such as:

Note: Further information on the eligibility for travel funding will be provided to companies selected to participate in the mission. In the event that the mission takes place only virtually, we anticipate that the financial cost of participation will be very limited.

How to Apply for Participation

  1. Interested SMEs should request an application form from Hyun Ju Lim (, Trade Commissioner for innovation at the Embassy of Canada in Seoul. A complete application package will be sent to you to request additional information on your company, your technology and your interest in discussing possible R&D opportunities;
  2. Completed application forms are due no later than August 14, 2020 to Hyun Ju Lim (;
  3. The Embassy of Canada in Seoul and NRC IRAP will select companies to participate in the mission. Selected applicants can expect to be notified no later than August 28, 2020;
  4. Eligible SMEs formally selected to participate in the mission will be invited to apply for CIIP travel funding support. Interested participants should request a travel funding package from Hyun Ju Lim (;
  5. Eligible SMEs who have applied for CIIP travel support can expect to be notified of the decision on travel funding support no later than September 18, 2020.

Please note: Participation is limited. Applications submitted will be assessed on the basis of the applicant’s eligibility to participate in this R&D mission based on the quality of the information provided on their technology and the appropriateness of the technology for the targeted CIIP market.

Canadian International Innovation Program (CIIP)

Global Affairs Canada (GAC) in collaboration with the National Research Council Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC IRAP) delivers the Canadian International Innovation Program (CIIP) in South Korea. CIIP supports industrial R&D collaborations between Canadian SMEs and companies in key markets, including South Korea.



* 78 companies are registered with Korea Battery Industry Association. The number excludes universities, government-funded research institutes and other related agencies.

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