Canadian Digital Health R&D Mission to South Korea – October 23-26, 2018

Request for Expression of Interest

Global Affairs Canada, through the Embassy of Canada in Seoul and the National Research Council Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP), will be pleased to receive your application to participate in the “Canadian Digital Health R&D Mission to South Korea”, which will take place from 23-26 October 2018, in Seoul, South Korea.

Note that interested companies must apply no later than August 1, 2018.

Mission Objective

The mission will focus on establishing industrial R & D collaboration opportunities (specifically to discover and outline potential technology validation, adaptation and co-development projects) between Canadian and Korean companies.

Canadian Delegation Profile

Canadian participants should meet the requirements below in order to benefit from this initiative:

Mission Description

The Canadian Digital Health R&D Mission will take place over a 3-day period.  Elements of the mission may include:

 Areas of focus for the Canadian Digital Health R&D Mission to South Korea could include:

Description of the Initiative

Also known as Smart Health, e-Health or Health IT locally, Digital Health is the convergence of healthcare and ICT, with its potential to transform the delivery of healthcare across the globe.  South Korea has one of the world’s fastest aging populations and, consequently, increasing public and private healthcare expenses.  South Korea plans to leverage its strengths in ICT such as 5G wireless telecommunication and to adopt cutting-edge technologies in AI, Big Data and VR/AR for applications in the health sector.  South Korean companies and hospitals are expected to play a key role in the development of the digital health sub-sector as part of Korea’s ‘4th Industrial Revolution.’

One of the key features of the sub-sector is the high level of focus on R&D; companies in this sub-sector invest more on R&D than companies in other industries, which bodes well for Canadian digital health companies with advanced technical solutions. 

The South Korean government set up the 4th Industrial Revolution Committee, which includes a special sub-committee on healthcare.  This sub-committee is focused on the following six areas: establishment of healthcare big data showcase; AI-utilized development of new drugs; development of smart clinical trial centre; development of smart, convergent healthcare equipment; in vitro diagnostic devices; and support of the healthcare eco-system in Korea.  There will be a concerted effort among Korean government ministries ranging from Health, Science to Industry to foster industrial development in those areas of focus.

Financial Support for Travel to the Mission

The Canadian International Innovation Program (CIIP) may provide financial support to eligible participants for 50% of all eligible expenses (see application process below) such as:

How to Apply for Participation

  1. Interested companies should request an application from Young Jin Kim (, Trade Commissioner at the Embassy of Canada in Seoul. In your request, please provide a brief summary of your company. A full application form requesting additional information on your company, your technology and your interest in discussing possible R & D opportunities will be sent to you;
  2. Completed application forms are due no later than August 1, 2018 to Young Jin Kim in Seoul (;
  3. The Embassy of Canada in Seoul and NRC-IRAP will select companies to participate in the mission. Selected applicants can expect to be  notified no later than August 10, 2018;
  4. Companies formally selected to participate in the mission, and who have expressed interest in applying for travel support, will be notified of the decision on travel funding support no later than August 31, 2018.

Canadian International Innovation Program (CIIP)

Global Affairs Canada in collaboration with the National Research Council Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP) delivers the Canadian International Innovation Program (CIIP) in South Korea.  CIIP supports industrial R&D collaborations between Canadian SMEs and companies in key markets, including South Korea. Collaborative R&D projects (validation, adaptation and co-development) between Canadian and Korean companies resulting from the Canadian Digital Health Mission to South Korea may be eligible to apply for CIIP project funding.

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