AI and IoT Smart Cities Mission to India, September 17-21, 2018

Request for PDA Application

Global Affairs Canada, through the Canadian Consulate General in Mumbai and the High Commission of Canada in Delhi, and the National Research Council Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP), will be pleased to receive your application to participate in the “AI and IoT Smart Cities Mission to India”, which will take place from 17-21 September 2018, in Bangalore and Mumbai.

Note that interested companies must apply no later than July 6, 2018 (extended deadline).

Mission Objective

The mission will focus on establishing industrial R & D collaboration opportunities (specifically technology validation, adaptation and co-development).

Canadian Delegate Profile

Canadian delegates to the “AI and IoT Smart Cities Mission to India” should meet the requirements below in order to benefit from this initiative:

Mission Description

The Canadian AI and IoT Smart Cities Mission will take place on the margins of Municipalika 2018 : Smart & Sustainable City Solutions where Canada is a partner country.  The mission will include a visit to the show and customized partnership development activities for the purpose of discussing R&D opportunities with Indian companies in two cities:  Bangalore and Mumbai. The program in each of the cities will be customized to meet the needs of the delegates chosen to participate.  Some common elements are likely to include:



Some of the key technology based solutions that could be implemented in the Smart Cities program in India, and areas of focus for the Canadian delegates on this Mission, include:

Description of the Initiative

India’s urban population is expected to reach 600 million by 2031. Indian cities will not only need to absorb large numbers of people, they will have to do so in a way that drives economic growth, opportunity and innovation.

To improve the quality of life in fast-growing urban centers, in 2015 the Government of India embarked on an ambitious Smart Cities Mission with an aim to develop new smart cities and modernize existing Indian cities.

It is a five-year program, where all of the Indian states and Union territories are participating, except West Bengal, by nominating at least one city for the Smart Cities challenge. Between 2017 and 2022 financial aid will be given by the central and state governments to the cities, and the mission will start showing results from 2022 onwards.  Each city will create a corporate company, headed by a full-time CEO, to implement the Smart Cities Mission. The execution of projects may be done through joint ventures, subsidiaries, public-private partnership (PPP), turnkey contracts, etc. The central and state government will provide INR 1,000 Crore (US$150 million) funding to the company, as equal contribution of INR 500 crore (US$75 million) each. The company has to raise additional funds from the financial market as a debt or equity.

A total of 2,864 projects were identified for 99 smart cities worth US$ 30 billion so far. Of these approximately 72% of the projects are still in the early stages of planning, when Canadian firms have the opportunity to shape these projects.

There is hunger for technology; the Indian private sector is open to technologies for collaborations and joint ventures and licensing to further develop their technical capabilities. Indian mega-cities (known as tier-1 cities) such as New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai have their own authority to promote ICT for service delivery  and the  smaller cities of Indore, Pune and other tier-2 cities have recently turned to the Ministry of Urban Development for support with ICT pilot projects under the smart city program.

Financial Support for Travel to the Mission

Travel support may be available for eligible participants. The Canadian International Innovation Program (CIIP) may provide financial support for 50% of all eligible expenses (see application process below) such as:

How to Apply for Participation

  1. Interested companies will need to request an application from Chad Hensler ( the Consulate General of Canada Trade Commissioner in Mumbai. Please provide a brief summary of your company in the PDA application request. A full application form requesting additional information on your company, your technology and your interest in discussing possible R & D opportunities will be provided;
  2. Completed application forms should then be sent no later than June 27, 2018 to Consulate General of Canada Trade Commissioner Chad Hensler in Mumbai (;
  3. The selection of eligible companies will involve a review of the completed applications by the Consulate General of Canada in Mumbai and the NRC-IRAP Industrial Technology Advisor. Selected applicants can expect to be  notified no later than July 13, 2018;
  4. Companies formally selected to participate in the mission, and who have expressed interest in applying for travel support, will be contacted by Global Affairs Canada in Ottawa and provided with a template for completing a draft work plan and budget. Companies can expect to be notified of the decision on travel funding support no later than August 3, 2018.

Canadian International Innovation Program (CIIP)

Global Affairs Canada (GAC) in collaboration with the National Research Council Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP) delivers the Canadian International Innovation Program (CIIP) in India.  CIIP supports industrial R&D collaborations between Canadian SMEs and companies in key markets, including India. Collaborative R&D projects (validation, adaptation and co-development) between Canadian and Indian companies resulting from the Canadian AI and IoT Smart Cities Mission to India may be eligible to apply for CIIP project funding.

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