Germany: Market Overview

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Source: Statistics Canada

Why Germany Matters

  • Germany is Canada’s second largest destination in the European Union (ninth in the world) for merchandise exports. It is Canada’s fourth largest source for imports after the US, China, and Mexico (Source: Statistics Canada).
  • Germany is the largest economy in Europe – at over 4 trillion dollars, its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) represents 21 percent of total European Union (EU) GDP (Source: Eurostat).
  • Germany is the fourth largest EU source of direct investment into Canada and Canada’s seventh largest EU destination for direct investment (Source: Statistics Canada).
  • The German economy is very open with imports and exports together totalling 86 percent of the GDP (Source: Federal Statistics Office of Germany).
  • Germany is a manufacturing country with leading exports including vehicles and vehicle parts, machinery, chemical and pharmaceutical products, and computer/electrical equipment.
  • The German government is fiscally conservative and maintains a balanced budget. The 2015 budget had a surplus of 0.6 percent of the country’s GDP (19.4 billion euros) (Source: Federal Statistics Office of Germany).
  • Germany is expected to retain its strong influence within the Euro area and remains an anchor of regional stability.

How to export to Germany

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Sectoral Opportunities in Germany


For more information on trade and investment opportunities in Germany, contact your Trade Commissioner in Berlin, Germany.

You can also contact our regional Trade Commissioner Offices in Düsseldorf and Munich.