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Canadian SME Gateway to India

India’s economic growth is leading to an increase in income and consumer spending which presents tremendous opportunities for Canadian companies.

Take advantage of curated information to make better decisions and avoid mistakes, deepen your understanding to enter, grow and succeed in the Indian market.

Key information for Canadian SMEs

The Indian market

Learn more about the vibrant Indian market and business opportunities across the country's many regions.

Options for establishing a business

Market entry options

Discover what business establishment options and market entry strategies are best suited for you.

Special Economic Zones

Lean more about geographical regions that have liberal economic laws across India and how you can leverage them.

Opening a bank account in India

The different types of bank accounts available for businesses and the requirements for opening one.

Role of relationships and types of essential relationships in business

The importance of fostering the right business relationships to help you succeed in India.

Negotiating a commercial agreement

Learn how to negotiate and execute a valid commercial agreement and obtain information about the Indian law on stamping and registration.

Ecommerce in India

Learn about the main players in the e-commerce marketplace in India, marketing strategies and more.

Fiscal and accounting policies

Goods and Services Tax (GST)

Different rates of GST applicable to different products and information about registration.

Tax rates

Tax rates applicable to companies and individuals in India.

Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements

How to avoid double taxation and the different tax relief mechanisms.

Tax and audit deadlines

Tax and audit requirements for companies doing business in India.

Payment options in India

Find information about payment methods in International Trade.

Export logistics and sales

Labelling and customs regulations

Information about the different labelling standards in India and what should be on your labels.

Import requirements

Information about the steps involved in importing goods to India.

Legal Metrology Act

Learn about the rules and regulations for weighing and measuring goods destined to be sold in India.

Drafting sales contracts in India

Best practices when drafting a sales contract with an Indian customer.

Logistics and distribution

Key considerations related to logistics when exporting to India.

Intellectual Property (IP) Protection

The benefits of IP Rights

Key considerations related to IP protection when doing business in India.

Copyright registration

Procedures for copyright registration and the rights of copyright owners in India.

Patent protection 

Key considerations related to patent protection, the types of patents that exist and a step-by-step guide on registration.

Trade secret protection

How to use trade secrets to sustain a competitive advantage in India.

Trademark registration

Why trademark registration should be part of your strategy and how to get your trademark registered.

Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) Network and Support

Our team in India is composed of 47 trade commissioners located in 8 points of service across the country. For general trade inquiries contact:

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