Contact the Trade Commissioner Service team - Bengaluru

Street Address:

22nd Floor, 26/1, Dr. Rajkumar Road
Brigade Gateway Campus
Bengaluru, 560055
Tel: +91 80-49247000
Fax: +91 80-49247005

Office Hours: Monday - Friday: 0830 - 1645 hours (E.S.T.: +9.5)

Territories/Responsibilities: Karnataka, Kerala - Agriculture & Agri-Food; Aerospace, Automotive, Cleantech (including Renewable Energies) Defence & Security; Education; Information & Communication Technologies; Infrastructure and Building Products; Life Sciences

Office Closure: 2023-01-02, 2023-01-26, 2023-04-07, 2023-04-10, 2023-06-30, 2023-08-15, 2023-09-19, 2023-10-02, 2023-10-24, 2023-11-13, 2023-12-25, 2023-12-26

Mr. Kenneth Wong
Senior Trade Commissioner

Ms. Cassandre Marcelin
Trade Commissioner

Mr. Varun Ramesh
Trade Commissioner
Clean technologies, Foreign investment attraction to Canada, Infrastructure

Ms. Pinku Lukose
Trade Commissioner Assistant

Ms. Rupa KN
Trade Commissioner
Aerospace, Defence and security, Information and communications technologies, Science and technology

Ms. Debjani Pal
Trade Commissioner
Life sciences

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