Joint trade delegation to Italy (ECOMONDO) and Spain

Date: November 4 to November 9, 2024
Venue: Fiera di Rimini
Location: Rimini, Italy
Target Audience: Start-ups, large companies, research organisations and technology or service providers operating in the bioeconomy, biomass, biochemical, biomaterials, and green construction sectors interested in the Spanish and Italian markets.
Sector: Chemicals, Clean technologies, Forestry and wood products, Infrastructure, Oil and gas

Event description

Unlock Opportunities in the Spanish and Italian Bioeconomy Sectors: Join us for a joint trade delegation to Italy with a pre-conference in Spain.

This collaborative initiative offers organizations in the bioeconomy sector a unique opportunity to expand their global footprint. ECOMONDO, Italy's leading green and circular economy exhibition, is complemented by a matchmaking session in Spain focused on sustainability and environmental innovation.

You will gain access to a diverse network of professionals, businesses, and experts across Spain and Italy while exploring synergies and potential collaborations that transcend borders. This opportunity positions your organization at the forefront of international advancements in sustainable practices and bioeconomy technologies.

The bioeconomy is considered a strategic sector in Europe, focusing attention on the business-led initiatives and on public-private partnerships with innovation from both public and private players. Don't miss this chance to elevate your presence on the global stage!


Europe's bio-based sector has a 700 billion EUR turnover and employs 3.6 million people. ECOMONDO is Europe's premier event for the green economy, featuring over 1,500 exhibitors from around the globe with potential Italian and international buyers.

ECOMONDO is a pivotal platform where industry leaders, innovators, and policymakers meet to explore solutions in waste and water management, air pollution control, environmental monitoring, and the bioeconomy. Participate in discussions with European and international institutions to foster the adoption of green technologies through supportive policies, funding, and investment opportunities. The conference includes a lineup of seminars, workshops, and events that delve deep into technological advancements, regulatory landscapes, and market trends.

Why Spain?

Spain, like Canada, faces similar environmental challenges and shares a commitment to sustainable resource management. Collaborating with Spanish counterparts can lead to mutually beneficial outcomes and contribute to the global effort towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly future.

Our pre-conference matchmaking session in Spain will provide a unique platform that will bring together professionals, academics, businesses, and organizations in the environmental and bioeconomy sectors. As a Canadian company at the forefront of sustainable practices, innovation, and technology, your presence at this matchmaking session will not only showcase your expertise but also open doors to potential collaborations and partnerships.

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The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service will help you discover market opportunities in these large two European markets, walk you through the market and the mission prior to the event and identify potential buyers and distributors through a match-making program during the event.

Agenda: Canadian delegation to ECOMONDO with pre-conference in Spain

Pre-conference in Spain: November 4, 2024

Morning session

Midday session

Session in Italy on the sidelines of ECOMONDO: November 5 to 7, 2024, Rimini

Over the course of the trade show and conference, Canadian delegates can walk the show, register to several workshops according to their specific interests while one afternoon will be dedicated to pre-arranged meeting according to the following schedule:

Afternoon session

Late afternoon session

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