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Latvia - Market Overview

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Source: Statistcs Canada
Note: Data on Latvia-Canada services trade and bilateral investment is not available.

Why Latvia Matters

How to export to Latvia

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Sectoral Opportunities in Latvia:

Agriculture and Processed Foods

Canadian exports of agrifood products to Baltic states such as Latvia are modest; most Latvians either make food locally or import from Scandinavian countries. However, the Baltics are going through a period of rapid change affecting both food production and distribution mechanisms, as well as consumer tastes. A rising interest in convenience, health, and foreign foods, in particular, opens up opportunities for Canadian exporters. Canada’s brand in Latvia is strong, due to a (relative to Latvia’s size) large number of Latvian immigrants living in Canada. On the side of exports, Latvia’s food production sector is also changing quickly, and there is a growing orientation towards producing convenient, environmentally- and health-friendly food products.

Clean Technology

Although the Baltics region has a relatively small environmental technologies sector, it is growing steadily. With existing investment from other Nordic countries, Canadian investment could further bolster the growing clean technology sector in Latvia.


For more information on trade and investment opportunities in Latvia, contact your Trade Commissioner in Riga, Latvia.


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