List of Service Providers - Morocco

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Note: Although our offices are not in a position to recommend that you use the services of one particular firm or to guarantee the quality of the services provided, we are pleased to provide you with the list of qualified contacts who offer the following services.

Ad Litteram
Mrs. Bichara Tazi, Administrator
Boulevard Yacoub Al Mansour Résidence El Beida
Tel.: +212 5 22 99 41 31
Fax: +212 5 22 99 35 48
Cell. tel.: +212 6 61 41 98 79
Activity: Provide various services such as assistance of the economic operators for prospection and installation in Morocco, consultant for partnership and marketing.

Afri Consult (logistics)
Mrs. Anne Glavieux, General Manager
219, Bd Zerktouni Rés. El Bardai #1
20100 Casablanca
Tel.: +212 5
Fax: +212 5

Mr. Nabil Charaf
Associated Manager
383 B, Bd Mohamed 5, 3ème étage N#10
Casablanca Maroc
Teléphone: +212 5 22 40 40 05
Mobile: +212 6 61 32 64 17
Email: /
Activity: is a consultant company in training and council that offers its services to a large range of companies either well established or at the stage of starting.

EX & CO Consulting
M. Jalil Bennis, Administrator
9, Rue du 6 octobre, Racine
Maroc 20100
Mobile: +212 6 61 57 38 77
Activity: Ex&Co Consulting’s core business is to facilitate the development of foreign businesses in Morocco. We provide various services such as customized professional matchmaking, market studies & advice, outsourcing office, marketing actions, organization & promotion of exhibitions in Morocco and promotion of International Fairs to increase the Moroccan attendance…

Kamal Aberkani Eng., Ph.D.
100 Hassan II Avenue
El Aruit, Nador
Cel. : +212 6 13 59 17 45
Courriel :

Kamal Aberkani Eng., Ph.D.
100 Hassan II Avenue
El Aruit, Nador
Cel. : +212 6 13 59 17 45
Courriel :
Activity: Accompany canadian companies in agriculture in Morocco. Available to be their agent in Morocco.

M&CO Events
Mme Nouzha El Aouani, Directrice commerciale
75 Bd d’Anfa, Angle Rue Clos de Provence
9ème Étage, Apt B108
Cell.: +212 6 63 63 67 89 / +212 6 65 48 94 63
Courriel: / ou
Activité: M&CO Events est spécialisée dans les événements corporatifs et le MICE, au Maroc et à l’international. Elle travaille des projets clés en main. Elle assure les prestations suivantes : Logistique, BtoB, Convention d’entreprises, Séminaires et Congrès, Gift & Goodies.

Wink Consulting
Mr. Jalal Benbrahim
Managing Director
Tel.: +212 661 10 93 49
Tel.: +1 (514) 748-9743
Activity: A consulting firm specialized in BtoB events and international business development.its mission is to help and support leaders and corporations expand to international markets. Wink is located in Rabat and has an office in Toronto, Canada as well.

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