E-commerce in the Netherlands

Executive summary

The Netherlands e-commerce market presents a number of opportunities for Canadian companies seeking to expand their presence internationally. At a global level, the Dutch e-commerce market is considered one of the most attractive. This is due to the country's strong and stable economy, high connectivity rates, and world-class logistics and infrastructure.

In 2021, total e-commerce sales in the country reached CAD33 billion and are set to climb to CAD46 billion by 2025. While The Netherlands offers an attractive market for e-commerce by itself, it is also an ideal point for Canadian companies to start or expand their pan-European operations, building on factors that have earned the Netherlands the reputation as a gateway to Europe.

To make the most out of the opportunities presented by the Dutch e-commerce market, Euromonitor International and the Trade Commissioner Service have created a report that provides an analysis of trends that are shaping demand from domestic consumers.

The full report offers important advice on how to take advantage of these opportunities, including sharing the experience of Canadian companies that have successfully established online retail operations in the Netherlands.

Trade interviews with prominent players in the Dutch e-commerce industry also offer practical on the ground advice on how to navigate the process of selling online to Dutch consumers and how to do it effectively.

The full report also highlights challenges that Canadian firms will find when accessing the highly attractive Dutch e-commerce sector. Insights and practical advice are presented on to make informed business decisions and to help readers develop a clear understanding of different options available to tackle these challenges, their advantages/disadvantages, and implications.

The report is complemented with additional information and contacts that are useful for Canadian companies considering a move into the Dutch e-commerce market.

The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service, with its extensive network of partners and resources in the Netherlands and the EU, is available to Canadian companies with an interest in learning more about the topics presented in this guide.

If you are interested in reading the full guide, please contact Judith Baguley at Please state whether you wish to receive the report in English or French.

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