The Global Water Challenge

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Date: March 26 to October 12, 2022
Venue: Virtual
Location: Ontario, Canada
Target Audience: Canadian start-ups working in business-to-business Software-as-a-Service (B2B SaaS) and having an annual turnover +200K$.
Sector: Clean technologies, Information and communications technologies, Ocean technologies

Event Description:

The Global Water Challenge (TGWC) touches down in Canada, one of the fastest growing ecosystems in the world, and is ready to invest up to €3 million in the hottest deep-tech start-ups. Its goal, in the second year of its tour around the globe's most powerful ecosystems, is to create the world's largest water technology hub.

Following its visits to New York, Barcelona and Helsinki, the initiative led by GoHub Ventures, Global Omnium's corporate investment fund, has put out a call for Canadian start-ups with unique solutions not only in water management, but also using agnostic technologies that can be applied to different sectors to automate and optimize processes, such as:

At TGWC Canada, GoHub joins forces with:

During the call, which is open until October 12, GoHub will be organizing various events and panels with its partners in the Canadian ecosystem. In addition, Collision, the major global technology conference scheduled to take place in Toronto from June 20 to 23, will be hosting a presentation of the Challenge with all the organizers.

An expert committee composed of GoHub’s investment team will select the top 5 finalist start-ups. The winner will be announced in November at a final gala at the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona. The chosen start-up is set receive up to €3 million in investment and will be given the chance to develop a paid use case at Global Omnium, one of the world's top five water utilities. In addition, the winner will benefit from business development opportunities and partnerships with participating TGWC members and their networks.

The Global Water Challenge is one of GoHub's flagship projects. It is based on the premise that industry processes must be optimized if resources are to be managed sustainably and more efficiently. Technology and digital transformation are pivotal to this goal.

The requirements for participating start-ups include:

The Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) will be supporting Canadian clients interested in the challenge by the provision of market intel and qualified contacts. The TCS will help Canadian start-ups prepare to access the challenge.

Please contact Nadia Rego, for further information. The Trade Commissioner, Nadia Rego, specializes in the CleanTech sector for Spain and can provide information on this event and advice on business development.

Services from the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service are offered free of charge to Canadian companies and organizations.

Why your organization should participate:

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GoHub by Global Omnium

GoHub is the corporate venturing company of Global Omnium, a €30 million fund for investment in deep tech startups with disruptive solutions for process automation, cost reduction, product innovation and sustainability in industry 4.0.


The Global Omnium group

Chaired by Eugenio Calabuig, Global Omnium was founded in Valencia 130 years ago and operates today in over 400 cities in Spain, where it manages the entire water cycle in conjunction with local governments. Its international expansion through Idrica, the utility’s technological solutions platform, now encompasses four continents with over seven million customers. Global Omnium is a benchmark in the sector and is among the top five water utilities in the world.

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