Cleantech market in Pakistan

Industry highlights

25 gigawatts

Installed Capacity


Pakistan's ranking in hydropower growth in the 2019 International Hydropower Association


Clean energy target to be achieved by 2030


Large to small hydropower projects in progress for 2018-2028.


Electric Vehicle (EV) target for transport vehicles by 2030

100 megawatts

Canadian cleantech investment in wind energy projects


Electrification rate of the country


Transmission & distribution losses

Pakistan is a developing country with a population of over 200 million that is burdened by growing energy needs such as:

The government abolished the generation license requirement for net metering in Nov 2021.

The National Electric Policy was approved in 2019, proposing a customs duty of 1% on all Electric Vehicle (EV)-related parts and a 1% sales tax.

The State Bank of Pakistan doubled their green financing for wind, solar energy from 1 billion PKR to 2 billion PKR in 2020.

Key opportunities for Canadian cleantech companies in Pakistan:

Notable challenges for Canadian cleantech companies in Pakistan:

Pakistan business landscape:

Upcoming projects and events


Pakistan is an attractive market for cleantech investment, offering rich geological potential, government regulation and potential for 20-to-30-year power/energy purchase agreements. Given the contractual security and payment security provided to IPPs, the Pakistan electricity market has attracted a number of the world's Development Finance Institutions (DFIs), private power corporations, and institution-backed private equity funds.

The market fundamentals are also supportive of renewable energy, as it is priced at a discount to both the market rate of electricity and other sources of generation.

For more information on cleantech in the Pakistan market please contact Trade Commissioner, Zohaib Khan,

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