Mining market in Oman

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Gypsum, chromite, and copper

lead Oman's mining sector  


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Strategically located in proximity to Asia, Africa and the Middle East markets, Oman is emerging as a hub for industrial minerals with 37 mining sites covering a geographical area of 2,000 km2. Oman is known to have between 31 and 35 minerals available, of which only 11 are mined; the remaining minerals have yet to be unearthed. Furthermore, a royal decree in August 2020 ordered the Ministry of Energy and Minerals to increase transparency and competitiveness in Oman's mining sector, which has become a sector of focus for the country.

Key opportunities for Canadian mining suppliers

The paramount player in Oman's mining industry is Minerals Development Oman (MDO), a state-owned partnership between four Omani sovereign wealth funds and government investment entities. MDO has received multiple mining licences in the country and is investing heavily in prospective mineral projects.

Mineral exploration

MDO requires exploration expertise for geophysical surveys to further expand their exploration program.

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Notable challenges for Canadian mining suppliers in Oman

Oman business landscape

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