Wine, beer, and spirits

The Canadian alcoholic beverages sector includes the wine, beer and spirits sub-sectors, which consist of primary producers, value added production, manufacturing, packaging, beverage retailing, tourism and research and technologies related to these industries.

Alcoholic beverages are produced in wineries, breweries and distilleries. Wineries produce wine or brandy from grapes or other fruits; breweries engage in the brewing of beer, ale, malt liquors and non-alcoholic beer; while distilleries distil liquor, blend liquor or blend and mix liquor and other ingredients. Canadian wine is internationally known primarily for its Icewines and increasingly for cool climate table wines. The brewing industry produces a variety of beers including lager, ale, porter and stout as well as draught and seasonal beers. Canadian distilleries produce a variety of spirits including Canadian whisky, rum, vodka, gin, liqueurs, spirit coolers and basic ethyl alcohol.

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Sector reports

Sector reports
No sector reports currently available.


Title Dates City Country
Startup Global 2022February 1 -
October 20, 2022
Virtual Panel Discussion: Business Women in International Trade & the Indian MarketOctober 19, 2022New DelhiIndia
ProWine 2022 ShanghaiNovember 8-10, 2022ShanghaiChina


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