How the U.S. Buys

Other Key Information

3. How the U.S. buys

3.1 Acquisitions, Solicitations and Contracts

3.2 Information for Contractors

There are many ways in which the U.S. procures supplies and services. This segment will help you understand what Canadian businesses need to know in order to effectively compete for U.S. business opportunities. Topics covered in this segment include:

Acquisitions, Solicitations and Contracts

Information about the different methods in which the U.S. handles acquisitions, solicitations and contracts. It is important to be familiar with these procedures so that Canadian businesses can compete for U.S. business in the most effective manner possible.

Information for Contractors

This section outlines the various stages of the procurement process; from being selected as a contractor, to options for recourse if a bid is not successful. By becoming familiar with this information, contractors can focus on procurement procedures that are relevant to their specific circumstances.

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