13th International Conference on Mineral Resources in the Republic of Serbia

Date: November 7 to November 8, 2023
Venue: Metropol Palace Hotel
Location: Belgrade, Serbia
Target Audience: Mining and exploration companies and investors, suppliers within the mining sector, governmental, financial and social stakeholders
Sector: Clean technologies, Mining

Event Description:

The 13th International Conference on Mineral Resources in the Republic of Serbia is a leading annual conference on mining and raw materials in Serbia. The conference addresses all the important issues of the industry and will have a strong focus on the significant contribution of the mineral resources industries to the development of the economy of Serbia and region of the Southeast Europe. The conference provides a perspective of world’s mining experience in the domain of smart mining, sustainable development, risk assessment and health & safety policy, global mining financing trends as well as impact of pandemic to regional development. The aim of this conference is to connect mining sector investors and experts with all relevant governmental, financial and social stakeholders.

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