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Mr. Yves Belliveau
Trade Commissioner
Madrid, Spain

Aerospace sector in Spain

Executive Summary

Spain is one of the largest EU economies and the world’s thirteenth-largest economy in the world by nominal GDP. Spain is one of only a few countries in the world (along with Canada) that has the capacity to cover the entire aerospace value chain, from design, parts and systems manufacturing, to final assembly, certification and maintenance of aircraft and parts. There are three main aerospace clusters in Spain: Madrid, Andalusia, and the Basque Country.

Spanish aerospace companies have invested over 7.5 billion euros in R&D and innovation over the last decade. CDTI, the Spanish Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology, plays a large role in fostering R&D activities.

The Spanish aerospace sector offers interesting opportunities for Canadian companies.  The sector is rapidly evolving towards the introduction of composite materials and structures enabling the development of lighter aircrafts; introduction of smaller and more efficient engines, and the development of innovative software for MRO and ATM services. The defense industry in Spain is very fragmented in comparison to the size of its international competitors and urge from a consolidation in terms of R&D.

Companies operating in the aerospace sector can benefit from the elimination of tariffs since the application of CETA. Moreover, Spain is a key member of the European Space Agency (ESA) and plays an important role in the development of R&D programs such as Galileo and Copernicus, and is home of the European Space Astronomy Centre.

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