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Brochure - Serving Canadian business abroad

The Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) helps Canadian companies navigate the complexities of international markets with on-the-ground assistance available in over 160 cities worldwide. Each year, fifteen thousand Canadian companies contact the TCS. Why not yours?

To get our best, we need your best...

When approaching your bank for a loan, you wouldn’t submit a request without a business plan. You need to do the same with your Trade Commissioner. If we know more about you, we can provide you with better service.

What we need to know

80% of TCS clients say…

Trade Commissioners helped them gain the confidence to explore or expand their operations in to new global markets.

Your export partner

Your initial enquiry is the beginning of a partnership with your Trade Commissioner, and the foundation for building a credible reputation abroad.


More than half of our staff working abroad are local specialists who are hired for their first-hand knowledge of the country in which they live. You too can benefit from their market intelligence and valuable connections.

Did you know?

All requests are treated confidentially and all services are offered free of charge to eligible Canadian organizations.

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